Must Read News Articles – January 12


The Hindu

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Air pollution a national problem: A new report released here on Wednesday shows that over 90 per cent of the cities studied had pollution levels higher than the prescribed standards.

Green tribunal orders test of cosmetics containing microbeads: The National Green Tribunal has directed the Centre to test cosmetic products containing microbeads after a plea sought a ban on their use on the ground they are extremely dangerous for aquatic life and environment.

Talaq certificates issued by Chief Kazi has no legal sanctity, says Madras HC: The Madras High Court on Wednesday passed an interim order restraining the Chief Kazis from issuing ‘talaq certificates’ (a certificate validating talaq as per Islamic Shariat) till further orders.

SC may hear plea on tax relief for political parties: Petitioner has challenged constitutionality of provisions of Income Tax Act and Representation of the People Act.


Kenya for enhanced ties with India: Kenya urged India to intensify multilateral cooperation and sought investment in the agriculture, security and health sectors of Kenya.


Elections are not a referendum: The reduction of Assembly elections to a referendum diminishes the political competence of voters to decide what sort of a government they wish to be ruled by.

Fifty days later: The first 50 days up, it was expected that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would shed secrecy and publicise the achievements of the demonetisation exercise.

Missing the Asian tailwind?: India should review relations with neighbours, focus on the economy and join the One Belt, One Road to shape the ‘Asian Century’.


World Bank cuts India’s FY17 growth forecast: The World Bank has lowered its growth forecast for India in 2016-17, citing a slowdown in consumption and manufacturing due to demonetisation and an ongoing decline in private investment and credit constraints due to impaired bank balance sheets.

NITI Aayog projects 8% growth rateNITI Aayog has estimated a growth rate of 8% for 2016-17 as per a ‘cautiously optimistic’ prognosis it has laid out in the appraisal document for the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, flagging the lack of reforms in land acquisition, labour and simplification of administrative procedures as impediments to growth.

Indian Express

The ordinance overreach: Enemy Property ordinances subvert both the primacy of the legislature and the spirit of the Constitution.

What we need to guard: Fundamental rights are no gifts of the state, the Constitution only confirms their existence.

Should Hear Them: It’s time parliamentary panels open their doors when witnesses testify.

Rain shadow south: The failure of the northeast monsoon will impact the economy of southern India. Government must plan ahead.

Live Mint

Demonetisation and monetary policy: India’s currency swap is yet another example of how the powerful monetary policy tool is a victim of its own success.

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