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SC extends judicial review powers: In a blow to Ordinance Raj, a Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court widened the boundaries of judicial review to the extent that it can now examine whether the President or the State Governor was spurred by an “oblique motive” to bypass the legislature and promulgate an ordinance.

Seeking votes on religious basis a corrupt act: SC: Terming religion a very private relationship between man and his God, a seven-judge Bench of the Supreme Court on Monday, in a majority judgment, held that an appeal for votes during elections on the basis of religion, caste, race, community or language, even that of the electorate, will amount to a ‘corrupt practice’ and call for disqualification of the candidate.

Centre stalling judicial transfers: SC: Recommendations of the Collegium cannot be allowed to languish on somebody’s desk, says CJI.

Agni-IV test a ‘grand success’: It can carry a nuclear warhead weighing one tonne over a distance of more than 4,000 km.

It will be a disservice to the ‘little man’: SC: The question referred to the Constitution Bench led by Chief Justice of India T.S. Thakur on a batch of election petitions was whether the word ‘his’ used in Section 123 (3) of the Representation of the People Act only meant a bar on appeals made in the name of the candidate or his rival or his agent or others in his immediate camp.


All’s not well in the Army: A military force with sharp internal divisions and discontent in the ranks has far-reaching national security implications. It’s time the defence establishment got its act together.

What is special about special courts?: The legislature has introduced special courts on many occasions through various laws, usually with the intention to enable quick and efficient disposal of cases.

When women eat last: India has a major child malnutrition problem. Women’s undernourishment contributes substantially to India’s unacceptably high rates of child stunting.

New Year’s-eve tragedy in Turkey: The New Year’s-eve attack on an Istanbul nightclub that killed at least 39 people, mostly foreigners including two Indians, is yet another reminder of the rapidly deteriorating security situation in Turkey.


Demonetisation hits manufacturing sectorDemonetisation of high-value currency notes in November has begun to hit the manufacturing sector.

Indian Express

Quotas are for justice, not to plug job holes: Reservation is not a programme for poverty-removal. It is to remove the monopoly of a few castes in administration. Present quota demands are also growing, seeing castes once looked down upon coming up through reservation.

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Demonetisation and welfare: While evaluating demonetisation, one must account for any associated economic losses to the public.

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