Must Read News Articles – January 9


The Hindu

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Aadhaar must for MGNREGS work: From April 1, workers in rural areas enrolled under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), which mandates 100 days of work for a household a year, must have Aadhaar.

Army enthused by new indigenous artillery gun: The Army has given the thumbs-up to a heavy artillery gun, Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS), being developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation.

SC wants paper trail in EVMs for fair poll: the Supreme Court has reiterated the necessity to implement the Vote Verifier Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) in electronic voting machines (EVMs) to ensure 100 per cent transparency in elections.


Revisiting a passage from India: The challenge before India lies in the way it taps its widespread disapora’s financial and intellectual capital. For this it needs to adopt a wise, pro-active, secular, non-jingoistic tone.

The slowing economy: Advance GDP estimates and gross value added (GVA) for the current fiscal year from the Central Statistics Office clearly reveal the extent of the slowdown.

Time for a political solution: Two years after the national unity government took power on the promise of reform and change, the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe combine needs to recover the earlier momentum.

Looking towards a greener future: India’s green bond market has witnessed many milestones, but its full potential remains untapped.


BHIM app safer than mobile wallets: Tool uses three-factor authentication, making it easier to trace fraud.

‘TReDing’ the path to quick payments: Delays in receivables from big clients hurt SMEs. TReDS, the Trade Receivables Discounting System, may ease the pain.

Minigrids can power rural economic activityMini grids can spur economic activity in rural areas and accelerate the process of expanding mobile phone network across the country due to their large capacities and the ability to connect to the national grid.

Indian Express

Beyond Odd-Even: Car pool lanes can help fight pollution and complement public transport.

How the times are changing: The information revolution is radically altering voters’ expectations. Political parties can ignore this only at their own peril.

Next Door Nepal: Being with the force: Cordial relations with Nepal’s army is crucial to Indian and Chinese diplomacy.

Making GST work: The onus is on the Centre to build a consensus on contentious issues with the states.

Live Mint

The tech giants’ race to a trillion dollars: Their primary battlegrounds are likely to be cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

The RBI’s bounty and its independence: The rush to transfer the bonus from reduced RBI liabilities to the government does not come for free.

Will Aadhaar help the poor become cashless?: An Aadhaar-centred apparatus of digital inclusion is not suited to shield the poor from the effects of demonetisation.


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