Must Read News Articles – May 25

The Hindu


‘Rich get bail, poor remain in jails’: Law Commission advocates relaxation of bail provisions for undertrial prisoners.

An Abe-Modi plan for Africa: Proposal for growth corridor presented to the Board of Governors of AfDB.


A flawed rescue act: The banking regulation ordinance puts its seal of approval on corporate subsidy at the cost of public banks.

Say no to GM mustard: There are formidable social, economic and environmental reasons why it should not be cultivated.

Access denied: The government needs to engage with Internet companies directly for encrypted data.


Govt. orders to favour local suppliers: Aims to boost domestic manufacturing thus creating jobs and increasing income.

GST rollout deadline will not be extended: The government is not considering extending the rollout date for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) past July 1, and the GST Network is almost ready for that deadline.

Centre may expand UDAN’s wingspan: The Centre has proposed widening the scope of its UDAN scheme for regional connectivity by making more flight operations eligible for a host of concessions, including viability gap funding.

Indian Express

The sword of global justice: In Jadhav case, ICJ shows creativity by balancing its powers with principle of state sovereignty and consent.

Live Mint

GST structure: an unfortunate compromise: Political optics have overpowered economic logic in the framing of the GST structure.

NITI Aayog and the emperor’s clothes: Instead of letting the government set the agenda, NITI Aayog needs to inform the government of its failings.

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