Must Read News Articles – May 3

The Hindu

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Summer of dry lakes and dry throats: While the drought-hit cities of Telangana struggle to deal with the consequences of declining groundwater availability, rural regions are grappling with severe drinking water shortages.

No invasion of body for UID: Centre: Says the right of a person to his or her body is not absolute, State has the power to take the life of a person.

New IT rules to beef up Aadhaar: To address privacy and security concerns over Aadhaar, the Centre is in the process of educating government agencies that sensitive data must not be made public, and is drafting amendments to the Information Technology (IT) Act to strengthen provisions for data protection and security.


‘India should have its own policy on Afghanistan’: The former Afghan President on U.S. doublespeak on Af-Pak, elusive peace, and why India must stay invested in his country.

Winning back the Valley: Delhi must make an open appeal for peace in Kashmir accompanied by consultations with all segments.

Powering up food: Augmenting foods with nutrients can improve overall health, but it must be regulated.

Refuge from the sinking islands: We need an international forum to help small island nations threatened by rising sea levels.


‘Skill councils have conflict of interests’: They are a ‘hotbed of crony capitalism,’ says a government-constituted panel.

Indian Express

Twelve reasons why: The current outrage over the proposal to tax agricultural income misses the point — often deliberately.

The LoP Excuse: In the Lokpal delay, absence of a leader of opposition is a red herring.

Live Mint

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