Must Read News Articles – November 14



The Hindu

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Deal or no deal? India, Japan wrangle over N-pact note: The document indicates a link between nuclear testing and the cancellation of the deal.

SC sets up panel on night shelters: The Supreme Court has asked the government to respond on the lackadaisical attitude shown by authorities in providing sufficient number of night shelters to the poor and homeless in the towns and cities of northern States despite the availability of funds.


U.N. counsels patience on Azhar listing: a more urgent issue for the government is naming Masood Azhar as a designated U.N. terrorist to be sanctioned under the UNSC’s 1267 resolution that would direct Pakistan to place restrictions on him. Despite the JeM being named in 2008, its leader has escaped designation, and earlier this year China put a “technical hold” on India’s request. CCIT would be discussed at the UNSC in December this year.


The big deal with Japan: Signing of the nuclear cooperation agreement in Tokyo during Indian Prime Minister visit – The deal is critical to India’s renewable energy plans.

Watering the green shoots: More than ever, non-economic factors will play a key role in determining whether the investment sentiment is sustained or not. Policymakers need to be conscious of this, and keep away from divisive and disruptive issues.


Move to cashless economy a key motive behind notes ban: The de-monetisation cannot be treated as an isolated exercise but must be viewed as a larger effort to push the society into a cashless one.


New technique may improve success of fertility treatment: It is possible to regenerate human eggs or oocytes – the cellular beginning of an embryo – by making use of genetic material that normally goes to waste.This genetic material comes from small cells called polar bodies that form out of eggs and contain the same genetic material as in a woman’s egg nucleus.

Indian Express

Young and alienated: Kashmiri youth are dejected. Delhi must abandon the security-centric approach, acknowledge that economic measures can’t stand in for political outreach.

Next Door Nepal: 100 days later: Nepal’s PM is struggling to balance India and China. Resentments are building within.

Live Mint

Demonetization is a hollow move: Narendra Modi’s publicity coup has penalized the entire informal sector while doing nothing to curb corruption or tax evasion.

The air we breathe: If not now, then when?: Governments should use the air pollution crisis as a justification to push for sweeping reforms.


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