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SC won’t stay note ban cases in HCs though govt. claims success: The Supreme Court on Wednesday refused to stay the cases in High Courts against the demonetisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes.The Bench also seeks details of the situation post-demonetisation.

Apex court slams Centre over Lokpal: Court asks whether Lokpal amendment can be implemented by way of an ordinance.

Himalayan projects face flood risk: Potential hydro power projects in the Himalayan region would need to factor in chances of increased floods from the formation of new lakes and the expansion of existing ones due to melting glaciers.

CAG flags tax breaks for companies: The Comptroller and Auditor-General (CAG) has castigated the Income-Tax Department for extending tax exemption amounting to hundreds of crores to several companies by inappropriately extending benefits available for infrastructure projects.


Bangladesh seeks peaceful solution to Rohingya crisis: The foreign office has handed a formal letter to Myanmar asking the authorities to intervene so that the Rohingya Muslims fleeing the conflict-zone can return to their homes.


Close out the war on corruption: Demonetisation done, the government must now draw up a firm strategy to show the door to the corrupt and lax in higher bureaucracy.

Restore the ceasefire:  As the most powerful and cohesive power in the region, India needs to chart a road map to restore the ceasefire on the Line of Control.

Treat contempt with contempt: The notice against Justice Katju is an opportune moment for the Supreme Court to reconsider if ‘scurrilous abuse’ of judges should attract summary punishment.

Take note, the fault lies in the system: This is not the first time demonetisation of high-denomination notes has been tried as a means to ‘eradicate’ black money.


GST Council meet postponed to December: With several States suggesting changes in the model GST law and compensation formula, the GST Council meeting scheduled for November 25 has been postponed to December 2-3. The Centre proposes to introduce these legislation as money bill to ensure they are not stuck in the Rajya Sabha.

SEBI eases rules for angel funds: The move is aimed at helping boost investment in the early stages for start-ups in the country.

Goldman forecasts dip in GDP growth to 6.8% in FY17: According to Goldman Sachs, post the ‘dramatic currency reform’ the liquidity shortage would be a significant constraint on domestic activity, which in turn would affect GDP growth.

‘Demonetisation may lower auto, realty demand’: Rating agency Moody’s said that demonetisation could lower demand for the auto and the real estate sectors in the near-term, but maintained an overall ‘stable’ outlook for these sectors.

Indian Express

Don’t join the debate: Demonetisation is the prerogative of the executive. The Supreme Court should let it be.

What Marrakesh achieved: The proclamation on climate change has just about managed to make sure that the pre-2020 commitments made by the developed world remain on the discussion table.

Streamline the appointments: The judiciary must give up its reluctance to accept performance indicators and impart transparency to the collegium process.

Partial cure: E-pharmacy guidelines for self-regulation is welcome. But more is needed to regulate chemists and pharmacies.

Live Mint

How to spur private investment?: Implement the bankruptcy code, push for out-of-court debt restructuring mechanisms and recapitalize state-run banks.

Raising resources using climate-resilient bonds: As the likelihood of climate disasters goes up, the need to mobilize additional finance to address the losses is greater.

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