Must Read News Articles – October 24


The Hindu

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Delay in justice delivery keeps investors away: Foreign investors are still wary of India’s labyrinthine and delayed justice delivery mechanism.

Excalibur to hold the fort now: Army plans to induct the assault rifle as stopgap till a better model is procured.

India falls short in female literacy: India’s school education system is under-performing in terms of quality when compared to its neighbors, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Centre plans to link varsity autonomy to performance: The Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry is linking the autonomy of higher education institutions to their performance as measured by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF).


Making cities inclusive: The challenges of a rapidly urbanizing world and of providing people with equal opportunities in cities were the central themes at the just-concluded UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, in Ecuador.

Stuck in the terrorism groove: Instead of isolating Pakistan at every forum, India must broad-base its diplomatic outreach.


Pranab to visit a crisis-hit Nepal: Political crisis is brewing in Kathmandu between the government of Prime Minister Prachanda and the nation’s anti-corruption body.

John Key arriving as NSG buzz is back: Negotiations are gearing up for  talks with China followed by an NSG session in Vienna. New Zealand is among the countries led by China that have demanded a set criteria for non-signatories of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

India, Sri Lanka look at infrastructure partnerships: Potential India-Sri Lanka partnerships in areas such as transport, energy and infrastructure.


World Bank must aid countries to manage shift away from coal: The World Bank and other global development lenders like the Asian Development Bank must help countries such as India to finance the shift their coal production to more efficient technologies so they can meet their COP21 commitments.

Higher subsidy for airlines connecting two regional airports: The Centre will provide higher a subsidy to airlines that operate flights between two regional airports under the regional connectivity scheme.

Centre mulls tracking flights remotely at regional airports: Planning to go for remote air traffic control (ATC) systems being used and experimented in advanced countries to support the regional connectivity scheme.

Rate cut: Economic panacea for all ills?: The RBI expects the transmission of this cut in lowering the costs of new borrowing in the economy will be more effective than the earlier cuts.

Indian Express

The Right To Self-Defence: India’s surgical strikes are in keeping with international law and practice.

With ill intent: J&K government must account for extraordinary number of arrests made under Public Safety Act in ongoing Valley unrest.

Who owns the nation?: The questioning of institutions must be kept alive in a democratic order.

Live Mint

India is moving towards a flawed GST: How direct tax reform can help create the room for a single, moderate GST rate.

Brics: falling apart: Instead of using the Brics summit to push for greater economic growth and a greater global governance role, India sought to use it more for dealing with Pakistan.

Turning India’s power surplus into a boonInvestment in the power sector could be made more profitable by a slew of measures that increase the consumption of electricity.

Dalits progressing against all oddsFree market economics is liberating Dalits.


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