Must Read News Articles of the Day – September 2

The Hindu


Opinion/ Editorial

  • The rise and fall of Dilma Rousseff : Dilma Soussedd has been removed from Presidentship by the senate in Brazil. This was once the same leader whose implementation of programs like Zero Hunger were a model for all developing nations to emulate.
  • The road to genuine reform : The only way to break the impasse between the executive and judiciary is to make public the communication between the executive and judiciary, argues the columnist.
  • A city is for all its citizens : How far will Jal Adhikar Connection – a right based approach to water help solve the problem of Universal access to water?


  • India to clock 8-10% growth : We do not have the luxury of any lesser growth than this, and even at a growth rate of less than 10%, it will take us twenty years to eradicate poverty at the level China has done.


  • The youth need to be part of reconciliation, says Ban : Ban ki Moon ,  UNSG is in Sri Lanka. And wants the new Sri Lankan Government to be accommodating of the youth population amongst Tamils.
  • Nice court suspends burkini ban : A Court in France has ruled agaisnt the ban on Burkini – a sort of Hijab worn by Muslim Women. Last week, Nobel Laureate made a statement – if women in the west can goto beaches wearing whatever they want, why should there be a law to prevent women from wearing and covering everything they want. This ruling is important for Sociology and Philosophy Students – How accommodating is the Western model of Multi cultural ism.
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