Must Read News Articles of the Day – September 28


The Hindu

[1].Give 6,000 cusecs to T.N. for 3 days, Karnataka told – Supreme Court has directed Karnataka to release 6,000cusecs of water to neighbouring Tamil Nadu for thenext three days

[2].Invisible foe in air kills 600,000 in a year – Air pollutioncould have killed at least600,000 Indians in 2012, astudy conducted by theWorld Health Organisation said

[3].Mega launchers for ISRO soon – With advanced semi-cryogenic engines, ISRO’s
ability to carry massive satellites will be tripled by 2020

Business Standard



The Hindu

[1].A case for accepting the WTO ruling – The World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) Appellate Body hasdeclared certain domestic content requirements (DCRs) inIndia’s Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM)illegal

[2].It is time for a uniform asylum law – India stands poised to make one of themost critical decisions with respect toits refugee policy, but without adomestic asylum law and without having signed the UN Refugee Conventionof 1951.

Indian Express

[3].A Lawless law – The recent preventive detention (PD) of KhurramParvez, a Kashmiri human rights activist, and JigneshMewani, a Dalit leader from Gujarat, has turned the spotlight on the provision of PD and the purposes it is being made to serve.


[4]. GST and Indian trade–GST presents an opportunity to improve industry competitiveness and enable much larger participation in global markets



The Hindu

[1].India to invest $2 billion in Sri Lanka over 3-4 years – India will invest $2 billion in Sri Lanka in the next three-four years, Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said

Indian Express

[2].From buses to trains and ceasefire to trade, India-Pak pacts that hold – The Indus Treaty, MFN status are up for review. But despite often tense relations, India, Pak have built up a portfolio of confidence building measures and pacts that have survived the relationship’s many downs



The Hindu

[1].WEF ranks India as 39th most competitive economy – India has risenrapidly among all countriesin the global competitivestakes by climbing 16notches to the 39th positionduring the past year in theWEF’s Global Competitiveness Index

[2].Joblessness rises to 5-year high – Jobless economicgrowth continues to hauntIndia’s youth, with the country’s unemployment raterising to a five-year high offive per cent in 2015-16

Business Standard

[3].Govt to implement Khan panel views in 6 months – The government would implement the recommendations of the H R Khan committee oncorporate bond market development in six to eight months.

[4]. Jan-Dhan to offer banking on internet-less phones – The Jan-Dhan Yojana is poised for a huge leap by extension of its banking platform to phones not connected to the internet. It is the next big thing on the government’s financial inclusion programme.



The Hindu

[1].By Jupiter! Proof of water plumes on moon – More evidence of possible water plumes eruptingfrom the surface of Jupiter’sicy moon Europa has beenspotted using NASA’sHubble Space Telescope

[2].Cheap method to make graphene nanosheets – By using a simple, inexpensive and quick process, researchers from the University of Madras have been able to produce a monolayer or a few layers thick graphene nanosheets from graphite material without using any strong oxidising or reducing agents



The Hindu

[1].Fine particulates causing chronic illnesses – The impact of fineparticulate matter (PM2.5)highlighted by the WorldHealth Organisation (WHO)study is felt through a broadspectrum of acute andchronic illnesses that causepremature death

Indian Express

[2].Phase-out of HFCs is a low hanging fruit, Kigali likely to deliver a deal – Countries are meeting in Kigali in Rwanda in the middle of next month to finalise a decision on the phasing out of a set of chemicals called HFCs, or hydrofluorocarbons, which have very high global warming potential, through the existing mechanism of the Montreal Protocol, which entered into force in 1989.

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