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Newspaper Must Read Articles of The Day– 22 September 2015

Newspaper articles bearing
to Civil Services preparation

The Hindu


  • India has to homogenise liability law, says GE chief– The article looks into the language of India’s Nuclear Liability law which is deterring the investment from companies even after the deal is signed. No firm is ready to expose itself to unlimited risk and wants India to adopt definition which has been accepted globally elsewhere.
  • Haryana poll law will hit 50% people: apex court– The article looks into recent legislation by Haryana government which made literacy as a criteria for eligibility to contest panchayat elections which has automatically debarred more than 50% of candidates. The matter is held up in SC as it is of huge constitutional consequence.
  • ‘Save all cyber communications for 3 months’– The article looks into Draft National Encryption Policy which has been put up in public domain for discussion. The policy mandates government to specify encryption norm for different firms as well as it make mandatory for citizens to keep record of their chats and encrypted messages for 90 days in plaintext format.



  • ‘Report dispels myth of Indian firms taking U.S. jobs’– “Contributions of India’s Tech Industry to the U.S. Economy,” its publisher, the National Association of Software and Services Companies, ha shown the huge investment and job creation done by Indian It industry in US which is contrary to general beleif in US that Indian are stealing their jobs.


  • Preparing for the climate exiles – In light of recent refugee crisis due to warn torn West Asia, there is an image implicit of dangers of future, that these pictures are not a glimpse into a future with climate change impacts and the resulting conflicts which are expected to exacerbate living conditions to such an extent that people could be forced to move from their homes and become climate exiles. The article explores into how the refugee created due to climate change won’t be recognised due to current international laws on refugees and the misery they have to face.
  • Constitution sans consensus – The editorial looks into the cause of concern of Madhesi’s with the promulgated Nepalese constitution and how the hill elites have thwarted the constitution make it less inclusive and democratic,

Indian Express

Editorials & Columns

  • The post-dengue prognosis – (Quote: “In any free society where terrible wrong exists, some are guilty, all are responsible”) The article looks into the sad state of Indian healthcare system; apathy and neglect in healthcare institutions; and provides for what can be done, what preventive measures can be taken to make it sustainable and avoid crisis like seen in case of dengue.
  • A Rule Of Law Culture – The article looks into what rule of law of mean and how it is different from rule by law. The article also illustrates certain example where rule of law has been established by Indian judiciary for citizens as well as non citizens alike.
  • Fragile democracy – In the wake recent discontent shown by Indian government towards Nepalese constitution, the article looks into why India should not try to interfere in sovereign matters of Nepal and let it for Nepalese government and opposition to delegate and bring about sustainable changes.
  • Listen to Rajan – The article looks into recent advice of RBI governor Raghuram Rajan, who has mentioned that with favorable trade shocks India is facing due to lowering of global commodity prices like oil, India should look for institutional and structural reforms to strengthen its economy rather than going for just quick fixes.


  • Regulating the regulators – In the wake of recent strain between RBI and Finance Ministry the article looks into what is needed to strike a balance between autonomy and accountability of regulators in the country.
  • The urgent need for primary healthcare – The article looks into the problems plaguing the Indian healthcare system which are mostly policy and procedures related rather than uncaring and negligent medical professionals.
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