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Newspaper Must Read Articles of The Day– 26 September 2015

Newspaper articles bearing
to Civil Services preparation

The Hindu


  • Signals point to better economic activity: CEA – Chief Economic Adviser states that economy is giving mixed ambiguous signal. There is somewhat surety that its moving in positive direction but the pace of recovery might be slow.





  • Portents of radicalisation – The editorial explores looks into how religious radcalisation has become a reality in India which cuts across the generations and even different faiths.

Indian Express

Editorials & Columns

  • Central bank governor, a no-mistake job – The article looks into different factors that have brought down the inflation in country. It explores the parameters, food management and external factors, in assessing the Consumer Price Index and inflation in India.
  • Seventeen steps to a better world – The article assesses Millennium Development Goals, their shortcomings and their efficacy. The article also looks into why Sustainable Development Goals have better chance of achieving desired results.
  • Cake for all – The article looks into recent move by state of Gujarat and Rajasthan to provide for Economically backward Upper Caste by reservation (Rajasthan) and monetary incentive (Gujarat). The article also looks into how profiteering of private educational institution is hurting the needs of poor students.
  • That Elusive Seat – The article looks into the changes that can be brought about in United Nations Security Council and the different roadblocks in bringing about the change.


  • Why students in India drop out – The article looks into why there is an increase in drop out rate (34.8 % in rural and 22.6% in urban) even though the enrollment rate has gone up. The article claims that the very educational system is to blame as it doesn’t have any factor to motivate and inspire students to continue schools.
  • Rethinking conditional maternal entitlements – The article looks into conditional cash transfer scheme (CCT) under National Food Security Act for pregnant and lactating females, known as Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana (IGMSY).  The article looks into things ignored while formulating IGMSY and how to address these loopholes for the scheme to e effective.
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  • debajyoti

    Its really wonderful sir …nice way of representation …its really saves time …plz cover other news papers as well ….your comments on the particular article , below the Heading (The article looks into……) are really worth full …. carry on sir ….we are with you …

  • RamyaR

    We make sure that nothing relevant is left out. Only those topic which are repetitive without any new additional detail are skipped. But we do recommend skimming any one newspaper for general awareness.

  • mohini

    Is dis really relevant for upsc..bcoz I read only those articles which u mention daily..??