Newspaper Must Read Articles of the Day – 3 June, 2016


Newspaper articles bearing relevance to Civil Services preparation 

The Hindu 


The beard truth: Army wants soldiers to have a clean shave {Polity – Paper II}

India, U.S. to share data on terrorists {Foreign Policy – Paper II}

India joins The Hague Code of Conduct {Foreign Policy – Paper II}

Crucial meetings await Parrikar on sidelines of Shangri-La Dialogue {Foreign Policy – Paper II}

Colleges that don’t comply with sexual harassment norms may lose recognition {Governancet – Paper II}

What defines a monsoon? {Science and Tech – Paper III}

Are parties misusing symbols, asks PIL {Polity – Paper II}

Opinions & Editorials 

Why go it alone? {Foreign Policy – Paper II}

Tragedy of the boat people {International Relation – Paper II}

Apps within wheels {Governance – Paper II}


Germany irks Turkey over ‘genocide’ {World History – Paper I}

Gorbachev: Both reviled and revered in Russia {World History – Paper I}

S. China Sea issue to dominate Asia security summit {Foreign Policy – Paper II}

Business & Economy

‘Target low value items in electronics policy’ {Economy – Paper III}

Singapore Arbitration Centre to open India office {Economy – Paper III}

Govt. says user’s identity proof a must for matrimonial portals {Bills and Laws – Paper II}

Reserve Bank tells lenders to expedite cyber security policy {Economy – Paper III}

Railways to stop footing bill on passenger travel concessions {Economy – Paper III}

Indian Express – Opinion & Editorial

Engaging Obama {Foreign Policy – Paper II}

Economic recovery could be fuelled by consumption, but sustaining momentum will require private investment {Economy – Paper III}


Bridging the South China Sea divide {Foreign Policy – Paper II}

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