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Newspaper Must Read Articles of the Day – 8 February 2016


Newspaper articles bearing relevance to Civil Services preparation 

The Hindu 


Indian ocean region a policy priority: Modi {International Relations  – Paper II}

Plan to scrap Income tax get high level hearing  {Taxation  – Paper III}

With Zika, India firms scales up trial for GM mosquitoes {Science & Technology – Paper III}


Test triggers emergency UN meet {International Relations – Paper II}

Opinions & Editorials 

Palestine deepening occupation {International Relations – Paper II}

Nuclear ambiguities  {India’s Nuclear Programme & Laws   – Paper II & III}

Schooling without learning {Education – Paper II}

Business & Economy

India flags API issue to US Government  {Drug Pricing & Ingredients – Paper III}

Indian Express – Opinion & Editorials 

The invisible drought   {Drought and its management  – Paper III}

A start up warning  {Economy Start Up – Paper III}

Picture this  {Monetary Policy – Paper III}


A common cause in personal laws and gender rights  {Personal Laws – Paper II , Gender Rights  – Paper I}

A true measure of inequality  {Inequality – Paper I & II}

Economic Times / Financial Express

Business Standard 


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  • gaurav pratap singh

    i think so u have not given mains till now.. sir when we write answers, sometimes knowledge helps.
    and one more thing questions on map can be tackled through current reading. entire west asia is boiling and its imp to know abt it. atb.

  • yuvi

    Right . In that context every country is related to India . So take a holistic approach and study other issues also of all the countries of the world . India – Israel .. India – Palestine is one thing … Israel – Palestine issue is altogether different … Inf act let me know if this question on Israel – Palestine pops up in mains . Coz it will never !

  • gaurav pratap singh

    on what basis u say that it is got nothing to do with india??? india’s relation with palestine and israel are affected because of it. kindly take a holistic approach.

  • yuvi

    Palestine deepening ? I mean on what basis have you included Israel – Palestine Issue for Civil Services syllabus and part of IR ? It has nothing to do with INDIA !

  • Bishuupsilon

    @Forumias … Every Monday Science and technology page is coming in education plus newspaper(Paper coming with The Hindu)……There are some news which are relevant to UPSC civil service. Please consider those news also

  • nimesh kumar

    Tonns of thanNk☺