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Sankirtana – snippets for mains

UPSC’s penchant for culture is well known. Although this is not a very recent development , it might have caught the examiner’s eye as a potential 2/5 marker.


Why in news?

 UNESCO has inscribed Sankirtana of Manipur on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, for the year 2013. 

What is it? 

1. Ritual singing, dancing, drumming of Manipur, performed to mark   religious occasions and various stages in the lives of Vaishnava community of Manipur.

2. It is practiced at the centre of a temple, where performers narrate the lives and deeds of Lord Krishna through songs and dance.

3. Social function of the ritual — brings people together, acts as a cohesive force amongst the Vaishnava community of Manipur.

4. Society safeguards the traditional knowledge and skills and ensures its transmission across generations.

 # Inscription of Sankirtana on the Representative List would contribute to the visibility of intangible cultural heritage. It would also help to encourage intercultural dialogue and promote respect for cultural diversity.

# Sangeet Natak Akademi documents and safeguards it.

Spare a few moments for this vibrant art form – Link







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