Interview Preparation

UPSC Interview Transcript: Chhatar Singh Board – Working Professional, Hindi Literature

Mr. Chhatar Singh
4 members (2 F, 2 M)
Hindi Literature, ME background, Working in Power Sector PSU


1) Sandhi vichhed of name
2) Which books… Which biographies you have read
3) Why we write poems on certain things while many other aspects are seldom touched
4) When Hindi prose came into existence
5) Why in literature prose came much later than poetry

M1 (F):

1. How Hindi language influenced freedom struggle and how it got influenced itself
2. Nationalist poets of those times? His poem?
3. You write… Recite your best creation and critically analyse that poem yourself.. cross questions


M2 (F)

1. What are good things in your organization.. name a few
2. Your profile.. what you do exactly there
3. CSE activities in your company.. elaborate
4. Why do you want to join CSE after spending so many years there



1. Types of motors.. cross questions
2. Something about my company’s past . Establishment.. present collaboration.. how it is being executed for STPP.
3. Whether company is doing any foreign projects also… Name a few..
4. Something again from literature… Poet’s name and book name for given lines



1. Index of happiness..Cross questions… Should we also not adopt GNH of Bhutan.. He could not be convinced
2. Difference between Development models of China and India.. which is better.. Some cross questions..
3. He later intervened and asked a question when CM started second round of questions…

CM again:

Many cross questions about NCC training camp, the weapon used during arms training…. Place… How, when and what not..

How bullet is fired from LMG.. and in general… What is the physics involved in firing of bullet and it’s so high speed in such a short span of time…



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