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67th BPSC Mains 2022 Program

67th BPSC Mains 2022 Program

Dear friends, 


First of all, many many congratulations to all of you who cleared BPSC prelims. We all understand how competitive it has become in recent years with many students from Civil Service exam preparation background and students from other Hindi speaking states are also opting for BPSC exams.

 So, anyone clearing BPSC prelims should have a sense of achievement as well as realization that the task is not over. BPSC Mains is the real stage where marks are actually calculated for final selection besides interview. So, you should gear yourself up for next round.


In order to support you and ensure that you conquer BPSC Mains exam, ForumIAS has come up with State PCS Success Program famously called as SPS for BPSC 2022 for 67th BPSC Mains.

Features of the Program

• ForumIAS SPS (67th BPSC/ Mains) 2022– Schedule offers candidates Sectional & Full Test Papers of 3 Hours/300 Marks 

 • It is ideal for candidates appearing for SPS (67th BPSC / Mains) 2022 and are seeking a disciplined and guided study through targeted test series. 

 • The Program also includes 5 Sectional tests with discussion (Bilingual) and mentorship (Personal & Telephonic from Delhi) for the same in both of the mediums 

• The  program has commenced from 13th Nov. 2022 and tests can be written at the offline Test Centre at 


2. Karol Bagh 

3. Mukherjee Nagar  

4. Online Mode. 

 • Discussions (Bilingual) for all Tests will be uploaded in the respective students’ portal. 

• This initiative provides professional mentor support to help candidates improve answer writing both in person and via phone (Offline/Online).

Why should you join SPS (67th BPSC Mains 2022) Program?

1.    Test Plan: The test plan ensures that a student who is appearing in Mains will be able to complete the entire GS extensively before appearing for mains.

2.    Questions: SPS questions are created by researching on previous year papers and identifying relevant issues of the current year. This has helped us in ensuring that the themes selected in the tests have been repeated in the mains exam over the years.

3.    SPS Solutions SPS 67th BPSC Solutions:  Quality model answers for BPSC standard questions which can be replicated as it is in the exam.

4.    SPS Test Discussion: It encompasses detailed, timely and quality discussion by an expert faculty of the concerned subject.

5.    SPS Paper Evaluation: It is based on codified objective criteria in a tie-bound manner with constructive suggestions to improve the quality of answer.

6.    Mentorship Support: Quality support of an expert for timely improvement which is available to both online and offline mode (at Delhi Centre) students.

So, refer to the brochure and understand the details of the program. Sooner, you get in the groove the more you get the extra edge.


To know more about ForumIAS BPSC Mains 2022 Program, visit: https://academy.forumias.com/bpsc-2022

For any assistance, you can email us at admissions@forumias.academy or call us at 9821711605 


We welcome you all. 





Sir how many test in this program 
Sir how many test in this program 

BPSC Brochure67th-BPSC-MAINs-Final.pdf

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