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After pre

This was my first attempt. But I was preparing from last year of my college.  Most probably,  I am failed in csat.  As from various keys my marks were above 100.

My doubts

1) I filled the form of epfo.  Should I also prepare it bilkul ache se jaise upsc ki krre h? 

2) Should I focus on rbi grade b or nabard side by side?

3) Should I focus on bpcs? ( I am from haryana) 

4) Is ssc doable along with upsc? 

Kindly guide me.  Noone in my family is gov sector nor I know someone who can guide me. 

I am anxious sould,  who is more afraid of future rather than focusing on present



One must be afraid of one's future but not at this stage when one has just graduated. Focus on your present, and at this point of time I would suggest you to prepare for UPSC- solely and exclusively. Just give your best meaning thereby study with utmost focus and single minded devotion. All the best. :)
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