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All India Simulator Test Series for Prelims 2022

@Nikhil5 Seems like you're right. Even though I hadn't marked Oman, after having a more focused relook at the map of the Persian Gulf, I realized Oman does actually have a part of it that lies at the southern base of the Persian Gulf. Its a governorate by the name Musandam which lies further northeast of Dubai and is disconnected from mainland Oman. Good find, thanks for pointing it out!


Wondering if it's only me or if there are others who feel answers to Q67 and 74 require a relook from FIAS faculty. Q67 doesn't matter much but Q74 is a probable one for this year's Prelims. Sharing my obs here:

In Q74, I am of the opinion that Large hydro does not constitute Renewable Energy as the answer seems to suggest. In fact, in one of the UPSC Prelims papers' from '18/'19 it was implicitly asked if large hydro does actually constitute renewable energy or not. This was a question around our INDCs. &UPSC did not consider it Renewable as far as I remember. Even this year's Economic survey includes two graphs and a table that explicitly mentions large hydro as a separate component in our energy mix. It forms a part of non-fossil energy sources, agreed, but not renewable as far as I understand. Would appreciate it if somebody can clarify this. Seems to be relevant for this year's pre.

In 67, I feel the answer should be D. While it's true that yeast is added to let the dough rise, it shouldn't discard the use of bacteria. In fact, bacteria are actually used in the preparation of a lot of specialty bread preparations, just like cheese. Can also be fact-checked with a quick google search. Also as a side logic, one may see the use of bacteria to aid gut digestion.


@prashantrocks04403 I don't think the idea of a mock is to only mimic the UPSC paper. Something being on UPSC lines has got to be about a lot more than just this. Mocks like SimX have got multiple other significantly more important utilities such as
1. helping serious candidates cover more concepts/topics,
2. exposing candidates to various dimensions,
3. helping candidates develop the composure required to handle papers of varying difficulty levels,
4. being the playground to test strategies & arrive at the optimum number of Qs attempted/guesses made/etc.
All these apart from the more simpler objectives of helping folks develop time management, etc/ and most importantly as Simulator X achieved is to keep candidates grounded before their final assault.

After all, one must not overlook the fact that UPSC has all the past papers on its site. It is for a reason, I guess. 
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