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Confused about option and syllabus

If I opt English as my writing medium then how many papers I have to give

some are clear to me like 

gs1 gs2 gs3 gs4 

one optional is selected by me is geography

Essay writing in which language

rest I am confused please help me



Whatever you choose, you have to give same number of papers.

GS 1,2,3,4.

Essay - In English medium because you choose English medium.

Then Optional Subject is there - choose between Anthro, Socio, Pub Ad, Pol. Sc. if you have no specialisation in any subject.

Optional has 2 Papers - 1 and 2

Then there is one English Language Paper ( comoulsory which you have to pass. ) Your marks are not added to the score for ranking.

Then, you have one vernacular language paper. You can write Hindi, Telugu , Malayalam - whatever you want. What is your mother tongue?

In Hindi, there have been very handful of selections. I dont think that rigorous study material is available in Hindi medium for Mains. You are like most of us. You can choose Hindi for Interview at a later stage.
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