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Couldn’t clear UPSC and exhausted all attempts

A general male. Exhausted all my attempts at upsc last year. 
Couldn’t succeed due to lack of will power and hardwork,though I am pretty average in terms of IQ if I be polite to myself
but I would admit I didn’t work hard enough, and
didn’t work hard enough consistently. 
I did clear 4 government jobs in the period, serving in one, and appeared twice in state PSC interview (RAS)
After permanently failing for life in IAS I was devastated. I did give RAS again last year but couldn’t clear RAS Pre as well.
I don’t think there is any equivalence of work role,status and quality of work in RAS (Rajasthan) vis a vis IAS.
But thats the best option I am left with.
I am willing to prepare again for RAS.
I would like to know from you  enlightened people, is it worth preparing for RAS now? And if yes, is there any forum here for RAS Aspirants (English medium)
The pain of being a failure can never go away, but at least I can try to change my Non Hardworking habits.
Thats my line of thinking. Please suggest if you have any piece of advise.
Thank you.

Karl Marx,Gameon


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