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"What is courage? " 

     - usually ethics paper ask this easy peasy question.. 

But questions like these are not that easy.. 

Jitna soch k asan lgta h utna likhne m mushkil.. 

Mostly u guys will answer " Courage is the power to do something right".. 

But don't u think it's a incomplete definition of the word.. 

Courage at times is

1-not doing anything


2-doing something


3- doing something that's not right

Hanji hanji.. I'll explain... 

Courage at times is knowing that the other person is an idiot & stopping yourself from killing him/ her 

- so aka explains the 1st


After having a horrible time not even remembering a single damn word, picking up the book again & trying to read again is also courage

- so aka explains the 2nd

And after all mach mach.. Chi poo na nu.. Sir dard.. Going and having fun or watching movie for some hours is also courage,

because your mind says ki padhle beta.. Kahe time waste kr ra h..

But heart says " Main saala jhukega nahin"

- so aka explains the 3rd..

Mujhe lgta tha jindagi m preparation krte rehna hi courage h..

but after all this while what I have come to realize is that preparation ko tyag dena bhi courage hota hai.. 

Not just preparation but same goes with everything in life.. 

Chahe preparation ho ya relationship ya rishtedaari.. 

Door se namaste humari... 

Wah! Wah! 

1 baat btaun.. 

Feeling of pain, rejection, insult is same.. 

No matter how and by whom u suffer it.. 

Kbhi kbhi naa kehna hi sbse bada haan kehna hota hai.. 

Kiske liye? 

Apne liye... Apne self respect k liye.. Apne future k liye.. 

U see mostly what we miss in life is control.. 


Khud pe... Haalaat pe.. Logon pe... 

Apne aap ko kbhi itna mat girana ki koi exam, rishta ya halaat apko naukar bna de.. 

Ull live with the consequences.. Baki sb badal jaega.. 

Pal yeh guzar jaega... 

Till next time.. 

Love yourself.. 

Give yourself some pampering.. 

And most importantly.. 

Accept & maaf kro khudko apni galatiyon k liye.. 

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