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Courses for CSE 2020 and CSE 2021 by ForumIAS | Updated October 24, 2020

Courses for Civil Services Exam 2020 & 2021 by ForumIAS

This page is last updated on October 24, 2020

Hello All,

Hope you all are doing well. We have listed all our Batches for CSE 2020 and CSE 2021 below:

Courses for CSE 2020:

1. Current Affairs for Mains 2020 - 17th October 2020: Brochure | Payment

2. Mains Guidance Program - E Batch ( MGP/ MGP+) - 17th October 2020: Brochure | Payment Link (MGP | MGP+)

3. Mains Guidance Program - G Batch ( MGP/ MGP+) - 25th October 2020: Brochure | Payment Link (MGP | MGP+)

4. Mains Guidance Program - G (Alt) Batch ( MGP/ MGP+) - 25th October 2020: Brochure | Payment Link (MGP | MGP+)

5. Essay Guidance Program - 12th October 2020: Brochure | Payment Link

6. Ehics+ for Mains 2020 - 29th October 2020: Brochure | Payment Link

7. Mains Guidance Program - HM1 Batch | Hindi Medium ( MGP/MGP+) - 25th October 2020: Brochure | Payment Link (MGP | MGP+)

8. Anthropology augmented Test Series - 31st October 2020: Brochure Payment Link

9. Sociology Augmented Test Series - 31st October 2020: Brochure | Payment Link

Courses for CSE 2021:

1. Comprehensive Guidance Program  ( CGP 2021 ) - Sept. 5th, 2020: Brochure | Payment Link

2. Mains Guidance Program - Cohort 4 ( MGP / MGP+ ) - October 21st, 2020: Brochure | Payment Link (MGP | MGP+)

3. Current Affairs ( Pre+ Mains ) - 16th November 2020: Brochure | Payment Link

4. Anthropology Optional Foundation 2021 - 27th August 2020: Brochure | Payment Link

5. Sociology Optional Foundation 2021 - 24th August 2020: Brochure | Payment Link

6. Prelims Test Series 2021 - 8th November 2020: Brochure | Payment Link

For enrolment visit or email us at 

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Can you please provide details regarding answer writing focus group test .

What will the program include ?

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@forumiasacademy Will Online Mains CA subscribers not get Economic Survey classes ?

Also sir mentioned in Lecture 22 that there was a test on 23rd Feb, please upload that paper. If possible, please provide model answer/ good copy/ discussion video (any of these will do) of this and the earlier paper for self-evaluation.

AzadHindFauz, Orlando Mazzotta
Is the simulator discussion thread being deleted? 


Currently users are having the right to delete threads they have created. There has been no deletion of any thread from admin end.

We recall one thread created by some user which was made official simulator thread. The thread seems to be deleted by the owner of the thread.

We are working to restore it. We are also working to ensure that threads are not deleted by users after a time lapse.

AlexanderSupertramp, Ashraf_raza

Qoqo said

@forumiasacademy @root @Neyawn I’ve signed up for the MGP programme batch E. I’ve been wanting to sign up for the Essay programme as well. The brochure mentions that MGP students can avail discount on essay programme, but I have no idea how to access it. 😂 

The discount isn’t showing in the payment window. Is there a coupon that will be sent? Please help, my father’s plan is to finish all payment today ash He’s leaving for work tomorrow. 

It won't show up on the payment window. Drop a mail to They will send their bank account number and ask you to pay the discounted amount via net banking or UPI. Mail the transaction receipt on the same thread once the payment is done and they'll add you to the course. 

Is there a limit on no. Of times once can watch current affairs mains 2020 class videos?
@Qoqo mail it to They will get back to you with the discounted price for essay if your a MGP student.

When will toppers copies of mgp uploaded on site ? Please do upload pratyush Pandey rank 21 mgo copies . Thanks

@kritikam15101992 you can watch every current affairs classes three times.

@forumiasacademy please fix the latest lecture 13 , it gets paused after every 15-20 secs, its irritating while viewing!!

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