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DOWNLOAD EPIC! | September 2020

Dear Forumites,

The fifth edition of EPIC! The magazine comes at the culmination of the Civil Services Preliminary Examination of 2020. For those aspirants, who have cleared the prelims should now focus on mains, and here EPIC! Magazine provides an issue-based analysis of mains related topics. A common message to our aspirants is that one should not put their guard down in our journey to clear this exam. Therefore, don’t waste any time in speculating about the marks in prelims and focus on the next step to consolidate your preparations. Add new content every day so that, your knowledge becomes dynamic, relevant, and reproducible for the examination.

EPIC! series of current affairs magazine provides a segregated yet complete monthly coverage of current affairs for civil services preparations.

Click Here to Download – EPIC! Magazine for September 2020

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There are many factual mistakes in earlier magazines, please correct their data and facts.
@surendra19 Can you please mention few of them? I actually just have started preparing, so not very much acquainted with the current affairs. So can you please mention the points, then I can look at it and modify those. 

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