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Discussion Forum Oldies Attendance thread !!


Cant get my old name back.@Neyawn kindly help

That power hath not been bestowed upon me Sire! Only in the dungeons of Isengard can the database programs make that change.


Can  you'll start regular fruitful discussions like in the previous platform ? About various trivia related to this exam. Now the connect in the other platforms like telegram appears to be superficial. 

Also, in the new platform there is lack of any regular committed engagement like witnessed previously ?

We did think Telegram was good enough, but then the vast amount of knowledge generated was lost as people left groups. Contributions you make here will be archived on the Internet forever!


Isiliye desh me social message pahuchane k lie influencers ka jarurat padta hai.

Alag hi raunak aa gyi hai yahan!??

Haha, Yes!

I am also following Forum since 2016. Though more of a silent spectator. Hope that forum is able to revive all the activity that happened earlier. 

The good activity, yes :-)

@Neyawn please revive the old discussion thread. Website is down. The old threads were sprinkled all across with nuggets of wise takes on varied topics. was a treat to read those. please don't take them down. archive them instead and make them available for the inquisitive one's.

The site is not being actively maintained. It was taken down by service provider because of some malicious code hosted on it. IT team is working to clean it up and make it LIVE again.

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