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Doubt Clearance Thread: UPSC 2021



Odd one out is true= eg

 With reference to Mian Tansen, which one of the following statements is not correct?

(a) Tansen was the title given to him by Emperor Akbar
(b) Tansen composed Dhrupads on Hindu gods and goddesses.
(c) Tansen composed songs on his patrons.
(d) Tansen invented many Ragas

only odd statement is A . other deal with songs and ragas

28. Which one of the following National Parks lies completely in the temperate alpine zone?
(a) Manas National Park
(b) Namdapha National Park
(c) Neora Valley National Park
(d) Valley of Flowers National Park

barring valley of flowers all other are in east/northeast

I think we should create separate thread.


@upsc2020 Lets create a list of low-hanging fruits for CSP2021 like the Sureshot questions asking area like 1-2 questions from reports, Mapping and likewise.

How is forum’s PYQ Research Document ? 
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