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Doubt Clearance Thread: UPSC 2021

@Amarbabu amendment in literal sense : yes since you are rewriting something in constitution.
 Constitutional Amendment is considered as what is done under article 368, since LC is not here, so technically if qn comes in exam it is not an constitutional amendment.

Logic is a bit dizzy but that's how it goes :)

@AlexanderSupertramp misappropriation is dealt under pca act. Legal responsibility of acts for minister is not there in india. It's there in UK.
Given in lakshmikant. Abyas solution is correct.

@ramaputri forget the formula. Think like this: appreciation bole toh rupee got strong in real terms. Other way of saying this is the foreign currency got weaker so foreigner will have shell out more money. So for him price has increased. P increase, quantity decrease. That is our exports decreased. 
Export to gdp ratio shall fall.