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Doubt Clearance Thread: UPSC 2021

is judiciary included in art 12 of Constitution?
but it has rule making can the laws/orders passed by judiciary be held violative of Constitution under article 13??

also judiciary is called quasi- legislative body right?

found one answer on quora of lawyer of SC satisfactory but still wanted views of senior members here.

Please explain in simple and lucid terms. 


For every Geography Related issue, go to
That guy has some brilliant notes on every topic. Plus it is dirt cheap for 200-300 something and a two year subscription. As far as I know, it is run by one of the ex aspirants. Everyone should buy his subscription I feel.

and environment too.... both are too good...they also provide maps...( not promoting but genuinely asking fellow members that if you feel shankar ias is not that good or bulky then you can have a look at pmfias...its cost is about 100rs)


@DrGodMode  Both are equally good. The Black and White one is the old edition whereas the coloured one is the new one. People used to refer to Black and White earlier as the new editions just came out I guess just 2 years back. Hence the confusion. You can pick any one of them.

yes both are version also has tamilnadu specific locations/ info at the end of each chapter....i feel one can skip addition, for medieval , nios material has glossary at the end of each chapter which has meanings of the important positions or terms used during medieval period....thus TN 11th plus only the nios glossary would be enough....

@Itachi Can you please share the NIOS glossary? 

nios glossary 1.pdf

i hope the images are clear.

@Raillife improving weak areas and focusing on fundamentals.thats it. multiple revisions, adequate tests, PYQ and faith.


Laxmikanth (Parliament Chapter)

Financial Bills (II)- The only special feature of this bill is that it cannot be passed by either House of Parliament unless the President has recommended to that House the consideration of the bill. Hence, financial bills (II) can be introduced in either House and recommendation of the President is not necessary for its introduction.

Can anyone please explain what does these lines trying to say and how 2nd statement is the conclusion of the 1st statement?

recommendation of president is not required at the introduction stage but is required at the consideration stage

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