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Doubt Clearance Thread: UPSC 2021

The Appropriation Bill passed recently allows funds to be sanctioned from the Consolidated Fund. My doubt is that the when the Budget is of Rs 30 lac crore (approx), why is the Appropriation Bill of Rs 110 lac cr. What else does the appropriation bill include other than the budgeted expense for next yr ?


Collegium for SC judges appointment & transfer of SC/HC judges has CJI+ 4 senior most judges of SC while ,

Collegium for high court judges appointment has CJI + 2 senior most judges

@upsc2020 okay...just checked the appropriation act ...of the 110 lac cr, nearly 75 lac cr is charged expenditure & a major component of that is repayment of debt @68 lac cr.... interest payments further add 7 lac cr to the charged expenditure...other charged expenditure are miniscule.

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