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For last 2 3 days my inbox on all social media  plateforms is full with personal messages. A few are *" Thank-you sir for all your help. Got XYZ rank in CSE 2019. "* with happy faces on the other side. But a lot (more than 90%) are *messages of Pain , Frustration, Disenchantment and Regret.* Most of these want just a *soothing few lines reply* from me, because they somehow feel that *I can understand* their situation better given that I myself, achieved CSE target in 5th attempt after multiple failures.

But I can't reply to the most except with some cliché statements like *"STAY STRONG COMRADE."* It feels so bad and so hurtful to see such talented minds of the country regretting being not successful in this *Chakravyuha Challenge of UPSC CSE.* ?

I have personally seen people having *reached even Interview stage 2 3 4 5 6 times,* but still not being able to make it, leave about those who exhausted their all attempts with other stage failures. And when such people message you asking for what to do now - *it feels bad, very bad.* How can I match their level of wisdom and experience ? How can someone getting selected without those level failures be called more intelligent or worthy than those people by society? I, simply, can't fathom out. 

If I compare my selection with such souls, I have no hesitation to say ki *KISMAT ACHHI THI JO NIKAL GAYE IS GAMBLE SE.* Nothing else special I done or have to be out of this cycle. *I am sorry friends* I have nothing substantial to guide you or tell you what to do NOW. Just few self-experience based  basic advices I can speak out like that *don't take any decision now only. Take time,give your mind and body some relaxation. Also don't lose hope before it's totally Blackout.* You were one of the best brains of the country and *YOU ARE STILL ONE.* Merely one overhyped exam don't make you any less worthy. 

Keep trying for anything you will love to do now. If attempts and courage left, *come back better.* If , unfortunately not, *PLEASE MOVE ON.* Find out each and all possible alternatives for you like *State PCS or Coaching profession or anything else your heart wishes for including pending life decisions about marriage etc.* It's *NEVER TOO LATE.* Even if it is, be the FIRST ONE TO CHANGE THE PATTERN. 

All this excessive happiness of selection or excessive sorrow of failure is transient. Life is much more brutal and competitive than this CSE. *If you as a sperm, could win over crores of other competitors , before your own conception itself - you can still win.* You can still flourish. You can still succeed. *You can still be worthful for your family, society and nation.* Just go for it and show others that *YOU WERE DIFFRENT YESTERDAY. YOU ARE DIFFRENT TODAY. And YOU WILL BE DIFFRENT TOMORROW.*

With Best wishes and feelings ????

Always Yours, 

*Yo Yo Choti Singh aka Vijay Wardhan Sarswat*


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There is a very slim margin between the last recommended person and the first person not selected and a lot of times that's due to luck. Thank you for posting this. Much needed. :)
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