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Factly #1404 National Food Security Act,2013 (26th March,2020)

News:Cabinet has approved the supply of 2 kg extra subsidised food grains through the ration shops under the National Food Security Act,2013.


  • Nodal agency:Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution.

  • Objective:To provide food and nutritional security by ensuring access to an adequate quantity of quality food at affordable prices.

  • Coverage:67% of the population (75% in rural areas and 50% in urban areas)

  • Allocation:Eligible persons will be entitled to receive 5 Kgs of foodgrains per person per month at subsidised prices of Rs. 3/2/1 per Kg for rice/wheat/coarse grains.

  • The existing Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) households which constitute the poorest of the poor receives 35 Kgs of foodgrains per household per month.

  • Pregnant women and lactating mothers are entitled to a nutritious take home ration of 600 Calories and a maternity benefit of at least Rs 6,000 for six months.

  • Children upto 14 years of age are also entitled to nutritious meals as per the prescribed nutritional standards.

  • Grievance Cell:The act also contains provisions for setting up of grievance redressal mechanism at the District and State levels.



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