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[GYAN] 13 Things for your Civils Interview Preparation + Sample Transcript

How will you use your Industrial Production Engineering” knowledge in administration?”

“Sir, as an engineer in industrial production, our job is to increase the efficiency of the system to near 100%.” Similarly in administration, I will use my expertise to improve the administrative efficacy to 100%”

I was preparing same answer in my mind for over some days now . Think it will benefit if I would call the bluff and admit that technical education wont be much of use in day to day job of civil services 

I am so glad. You can actually say a few good things. I would recommend you to do some group mocks with friends . It works a lot. Day before yesterday I was sitting with about 7-8 people in a group mock, and the value addition was substantial.

Remember nothing beats a good peer discussion. All you need is patience to listen.