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Has Prelims been a roadblock to your CSE dream? Not Anymore – Find out now!

Prelims Rapid Revision classes to ace CSE 2024 Prelims | Program starts 27th Oct. 2023

Dear Friends,


“Prelims Rapid Revision Classesalong with PTS/SFG has helped 200+ students clear the Prelims Exam for the first time.”

Prelims examination pattern has been changingrapidly and enormously every year. As a result, we are in aconstant churning of finding new ways and contentwhich can help us clear the examination. With hardly3% of aspirantsgetting through Prelims Cutoff it is becoming morecompetitive day by day.

We struggle witha) relevant content, andb) adequate practicewhich can help us clear the prelims examination.

Over the years we have done Prelims Test Series (PTS) and Select Focus Group (SFG) which has helped many students clear Prelims for the first time. We started Prelims Rapid Revision Classes  at the request of our students who felt that their content was lacking once they did PTS and SFG.

PRRC along with its additional elements provides a perfect balance of relevant content and adequate practise which will make Prelims a smooth sailing for you.

We shall be commencing the first batch ofPRRC for UPSC CSE Prelims 2024  on 27th October 2023.  The program is available in both offline and online mode.

PRRC is a comprehensive Prelims-focused classroom program that ensures maximum coverage of the Prelims syllabus in about 180+ hours of classes– so that you are ahead of the competition.

Process and Structure of the Program:

Content Building:  learning through most relevant topics covered in classes for all subjects for Prelims examination.

PYQ Analysis:  Past year questions analysis will be provided for familiarization of Prelims pattern as well as coverage of peripheral topics on these questions which UPSC generally tends to ask in later years.

Prelims Toolkit:  Aspirants will be provided with 3 sets of Prelims Workbooks – Subject-wise PYQ Workbook, Subject-wise Practice Book, and Comprehensive test book containing relevant questions with solutions, complementing the classes.

Subject wise Test:  After the completion of each subject, you will have the opportunity to test your comprehension and knowledge with full-length subject-wise tests.

SFG Level 1:  As a part of this program, you will gain access to our prestigious SFG Test Series Level 1, enabling you to cultivate disciplined study habits.

Simulator Tests: Students will get access to one of the most relevant & comprehensive test series for Prelims i.e. ForumIAS all India Simulators. This will comprise 8 GS full-length tests + 8 CSAT full-length tests and 2 All India mock examinations.


We also invite you to attend our Open Orientation session on 26th Oct. at 5 PM. The Orientation session will help you to understand the methodology used for the Program and will give you an opportunity to ask your queries and doubts you may have.


To register for the Orientation session, visit:

To know more about the program and register, visit:

For any assistance, you can email us at or call us at 9311740400




Wishing you Success,


ForumIAS Academy



@farejul i'm unable to access today's live class. 

POLITY CLASS #02 First Hour is missing. Please upload full video

@farejul i'm unable to access today's live class. 

Kindly drop a mail to Team will assist you for the same

When we get the toolkit 
Prelims rapid revision classes  2nd offline batch start honewali hai kya 

Prelims revision batch new start honewla hai kya


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