How feasible is to have a SFG like program for Optionals? Lets pour in our views to help the admin evaluate the same. - ForumIAS

How feasible is to have a SFG like program for Optionals? Lets pour in our views to help the admin evaluate the same.

The ongoing pandemic has ripped apart all our plans and targets. After prelims getting postponed, reduction of duration between prelims and mains is quite possible. Thus the intervening period could be utilized to complete the rank deciding part of our syllabus i.e our optionals. SFG like targeted program with strict timelines and daily targets could help us complete a major chunk of our syllabus. 
Since the prelims is quite likely to be postponed beyond June now the time is most opportune to cash in on. A small survey over the optionals for which a program on the lines of SFG could be initiated is being added here.

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Starting SFG like program for Optionals will be most productive in terms of success in MIANS, as we all know optional marks matter more.

1)This can be done by dividing syllabus(of each optional) into 15-20 segments and conducting test on each segment on every alternate day. Test can be of 5questions of 10marks each(50 marks), this will reduce load on a ‘human’ evaluating these papers.

(as ForumIAS says SFG is not a test series, but a better way to cover and revise syllabus thoroughly, then same way aim of program for optional should be same,so number of questions doesn’t matter)

2)ForumIAS can decide on limiting number of students subscribing to these program depending on their Resources availability (like limiting this program only for SFG1&2 programs and your previous students) 

3)looking at current sfg list we have around 400-500 students giving tests regularly in online mode plus 100-200 from SFG1(on an average 50-60 students per optional, amd around 100-150 for optionals like Anthro, considering all these students also subscribe to these program, means it is a maximum limit), so evaluating 50 x 5 =250 questions is the task, which if possible can be distributed and timely MERIT list can be uploaded( i stress on merit list, bcoz it is one of the major factor driving us to stick to program sincerely)

4)Also the way we had current affairs test on every Saturday during SFG program, we can have a 1 essay test every weekend.

so in total this program will be responsible for covering 750 marks in a span of 30-40days.

(obviously only if UPSC postpones prelims) 


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*My comment is purely based on the assumption on your premise that prelims will be postponed to beyond June*

1. I agree with your suggestion that SFG like programme for optional could be highly beneficial especially amidst the postponement. It keeps us focussed and via piecemeal approach ensures that after 30 days (assuming thats course of the programme), substantial portion is covered if not entire. 

2. But looking at it from ForumIas perspective, beginning SFG like programme for optionals they do not currently have faculty for (like PSIR) can be challenging especially from cost perspective (setting timetable, questions, correction, discussion etc). But they can certainly try it out for other optionals like Sociology, Anthropology and History. 

My suggestion :-

1. SFG like model can work for Ethics and Essay. 

1a. It can cater to wider audience (helps students and institute)

1b. Portion of ethics and practise of essay is feasible to be fairly completed within 30 days 

1c. These 2 subjects are most benefitted by crowd sourcing method, as it provides wider perspective. 

1d. Getting answer writing practise in these 2 will make it much easier for us if mains preparation time is reduced. And if not reduced, it will help us focus on GS during that time.

1e. 3-4 times a week ethics paper, with 2 case studies and 5 Part A questions

1f. Twice a week essay.


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