How to revise SFG/RLG test ?


Sir please enlighten us for revising the Sfg and RLG test.

Thank you sir 

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A generic approach should be that if you have spent x time  writing a test, you should spend at least “1.5 to 2x” time analysing a paper. Identifying patterns of your error. 

This should be done at least in the beginning tests . Once you become good at it, you will probably not need to do it.

Do not mindlessly  write tests. Also try marking your choices with a pencil on the question paper or don’t mark at all. Try solving a SOLVED and analysed paper after 3 weeks or so. Since you would have already seen the answers, you should be scoring 100%, but you would not.

Keep doing this for all papers you have solved. You will realise that after 3-4 weeks you may have forgotten a lot of questions and you may again start marking them wrong.

when you have reached a point such that you are not making an error in the test, you are good to go.

Also  about 40 minute to 90 minutes spend on revision without fail. Study a bit randomly if you may , like start reading ONLY the tables in Laxmikant one day. Do lateral studies across the chapters instead of vertical studies.

Typing for a mobile, so apologies for typos.

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