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How to study for longer hours? Very serious.

I'm starting to see a recurring pattern of getting distracted within 1 hour easily. I see people studying for so many hours and I simply cannot understand how they can sit through for so long. Please do not tell me that 'hours don't matter' because the syllabus is so huge that if I don't study for long hours there's simply no way I can magically cover everything towards the end. Notetaking is not an issue, neither is conceptual understanding. Tried all kinds of app blockers but I don't think it's my phone, I think it's my own brain which diverts to other thoughts and my efficiency dips. Basically bina bore hue itne lambe ghante kaise padh lete ho? Am I the only one facing this issue?


I also struggle with this and perhaps many people do. But you probably are not having any targets for studying. Enroll in a test series and set a date for yourself on which you will give the test no matter what. Just ensure this.  This way you will have a reason for sitting down to study. And in the days preceding the test your productivity should go up, for the simple reason that you will be afraid of doing badly in the test. But you have to write the test on the designated date. Don't postpone it.
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@sbhati this seems like a good solution, thanks! Let me see if my hours improve


If u r getting distracted frequently then first u have to develop interest for whatever u r studying happens usually when we don't have a proper schedule or targets ....we just study to study something .....

So engage urself forcefully ...n increase time gradually .....if u r not able to concentrate then u can do one thing say u r studying some ncert ...u can play some video on YouTube fr particular chapter on faster than normal speed ....n take notes in a summarised way. .... whenever I do this after a point I feel I can read on my own.... just fix a time duration or target like particular chapters or a no.of pages n don't take a break until u finish 

One more thing for a productive day which works fr me ...strt studying asap in the morning after waking up ...dat sets the rhythm for a good schedule (atleast fr me..) ....I  try finishing 5-6 hours before lunch n then it's easy fr rest of the day 

Hope it will help 

Baaki take it easy more worried we r  more likely  it is to lose interest 

ATB :)

RN_UK Singh,
join a library if possible it will help a lot. it will compel you to sit for longer time.

Discipline is like a muscle. You have to start small with a few reps and a few sets and slowly build on them. Set small goals and slowly increase them over time. If you don't reach them, set smaller goals. Your aim is to hit the goals consistently, no matter how small. This is a win. When you are consistently winning, it's time to increase the goals.

Build your stamina over a period of time. Split your study sessions in short bursts of time (similar to the Pomodoro technique i.e. 25 mins study + 5 mins break.) During your break, try to walk around instead of looking at your phone. To be honest, no one is productive for 10-12 hours straight. Don't worry too much about that. Start slow and then build a foundation one day at a time.

Start with baby steps. This is the  ONLY  long term solution. From 2-3 hrs to 6-8 hrs. Then to your desired target. Also look at your health. Sleep, nutrition and physical exercise are equally crucial.

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