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Inputs for Sociology Answer Writing-Mains 2021

Hello, I also have sociology optional , wrote mains last year missed the mains cuttoff by few marks.

Though I am not expert in sociology but here are few points which I kept in mind in mains exam and help me to score average marks in sociology (125 - paper 1 , 123 - paper 2)

1.) I tried to first analyze the demand of question then tries to interconnect with my syllabus portion of both papers. Multidimensional Analysis be it from paper 1 or paper 2 . I used many concept and even thinkers of paper 2 in paper 1 and vice versa.

2.) Tried to use current affairs as examples in static concepts like merton's theory and all.

3.) In paper 2 I tried to connect many general question with concepts of our socio syllabus.

4.) In the end I feel that I did bit less in my above strategy which made me score average marks in sociology. If I get opportunity to write mains this time definitely improve my above strategy.

The above points may be person specific strategy may not work for everyone, but it helped me to understand the demand of maximum questions.

Hope it helps to you 👍

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