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Interview Transcripts of CSE/IFoS 2022

Please post interview transcripts of UPSC CSE or IFoS 2022 here, so that all can access and get benefitted from them.

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Date  : 28 February, forenoon ,3rd to go
Board : Smita nagraj ma'am ,around 25mins
Optional : PSIR
Graduation: metallurgical and materials engg.
Hobby : socially relevant movies, cardio workout
Keywords: Unnat Bharat Abhiyan , Rajasthan
1.What  are you doing currently?
2.Are you not working anywhere ?
3.(long monologue)Looking from Delhi ( centre) ,what differences can u observe between North East and J &K.
4.Why do we require special provisions for NE?
5. What is the need of inner line permit ,other states for eg Maharashtra will also start demanding it .
6.Suppose you want to go there ,don't u think there is conflict between freedom of movement and fundamental rights
M1 ( female)
1. In Nagaland ,only one party comes to power everytime ,there is no opposition, is it good for democracy? more follow up Q on Nagaland, could not remember
3.Recently , lithium reserves have been found in J&K, what are the uses of it?
4. What are the other countries where it is found?
5. Recently, something happened in Assam regarding child marriage ,are you aware about it ?
6.Will you do the same in Rajasthan if u r made DM?
7.Will you also arrest young boys?
8. What about those young girls who are left behind?

1.What are multilateral development institutions
2.What is the difference between IMF and WB ?
3. Which countries are asking for loan from IMF
4.Why IMF is not giving loan to Pakistan?

1.Tell me about Unnat Bharat Abhiyan
2.Did you also adopt a village?
3.What kind of work you did over there?
4.How many students were selected in JNVST ( from previous answer)
5.What were the substantial changes you observed in village due to this initiative
6. Which institute coordinates Unnat Bharat Abhiyan?

1.What are socially relevant movies
2.Latest movie u watched
3.what is gender fluidity.
4.What are the benefits of cardio workout
5. People in India live a sedentary lifestyle , they don't do much workout ,what is ur view
6.Which movies were recently nominated for Oscar?
7.Have u visited any fort?
8. Have you been to chittorgarh fort ,tell me something about it. more Q related to bypass surgery ,could not remember now.

My Experience in interview:
overall  cordial board , some members were smiling ,others were sitting with serious faces.
Utility of mocks: good for confidence building ,articulation of answers .In actual interview,they ask follow up Qs based in your answer which is missing in most of the mocks
Had good experience in Vajirao and Reddy , Unacademy ,NextIAS mocks , chanakya Mandal ( worst experience , atleast for me )

Best wishes to everyone, no need to be nervous for actual interview, they are very friendly people😁
Date - 3rd March, forenoon, 5th to go
Board - Smita Nagraj ma'am
Optional - PSIR
DAF keywords - Maharashtra,   Marathwada
Hobbies - Yoga, meditation, playing harmonium

1. Why didn't you go for post         graduation and instead preferred upsc preparation
2. The world is becoming tech savvy then how will you be able to manage as you are from humanities background? (I said, I was an engineer for 2 years and then left it)
3. How did you convince your father? (3 idiots movie Farhan scene reference - they all laughed😅)
4. Caste violence and rivalry is more visible in Maharashtra. What do you think are the reasons?
5. Do you think government is favouring the privileged community in this ( I SAID A BIG NO) ( I later realised this was indeed a googly bcoz she tried very hard to get any reply which would be criticising the govt but thankfully I didn't)

1. Tell me the origin of yoga (DAF)
2. Tell me the 8 sutras of ashtanga yoga (I told all)
3. Then at which stage are you?
4. Difference between Hindustan and carnatic music (DAF)
5. How many notes are there? (DAF)
6. Some famous musicians who have contributed for both? (DAF)
7. What are these indian exercises? (DAF)
8. Who started this mallakhamb?
9. What do you play on harmonium? (DAF)

M2 (Female - full grilling mode)
1. You left engineering which shows that you run away from challenges. If you will get some post which you don't like then you will leave it too?
2. Tell me the types of martial arts? (Random)
3. How will you convince Agniveers who are serving for just 3-4 years to serve in dangerous battlefields like galwan?

1. Onion price issue in Maharashtra
2. Drought in Maharashtra reasons (DAF)
3. Many districts in Rajasthan receive less rainfall than Marathwada then why drought conditions are severe in Marathwada? (DAF)
4. Farmer suicides solutions (DAF)

1. What are FTAs
2. Is India having trade with China a good thing?
3. Should we be wary about annoying China? ( I said sir China will be annoyed anyway bcoz a thriving democracy in the neighborhood is a threat to its core existence as PPL of china might also demand democracy - he seemed to be impressed)
4. Growing trade deficit with China what India is doing?
5. Why countries are going for bilateral trade negotiations like FTAs and not for WTO led mechanism? ( Multilateralism on the decline was in the news)

Except the female member ( a bit grilling) everything went pretty smooth.

DAF - In my case more than 70% of the questions were directly or indirectly related to DAF ( I would say was lucky enough on this)

Mocks - KSG, Chahal (very good), Chanakya mandal, Vajirao and Reddy (very good)

In my case 70% was DAF & 20% were questions which got repeated from the mocks so the uncharted waters were like 10%
Name Homosapien
Date -22/2/23
Keywords - Rajasthan, NIT Bhopal, web series , reading self help books , PSIR , Electrical engineering

Smitha nagraj board
Why don't u just read books , web series gives a biased and narrow perspective?
Differentiate between movie and web series ?
Which part of your personality you want to improve?

U read books , name the book u read on IR
Don't u consider Brahma chellany as hypo realist or hawk ?
Why u read his books ?
Is India really have any foreign policy on Pakistan

RRR dekhi h ( nahi dekhi )
Pathan ha
Tum MP se ho kya controversy h
Kyu esi actor k sath Aisa hota h
My name is Khan me bhi esi k sath kyu ho rha tha
Movie is hit , don't u think as a society we are wrong
U r from Delhi why low voting in Delhi
Okkey u are from Rajasthan steps govt has taken to tackle solar e waste
2 priorities of u to popularise EV
Koi element Mila kya h , kaha Mila , lithium me kya special h
Don't u think we are late for Lithium , future me kya soch rhe h
Sodium ion battery ka kya jhol h
how u tackle loneliness in your long journey of preparation
Who is jon mearsheimer
Which big IR event is going to happen
Next day which summit is happening
What the agenda
Why despite will of West and East , we are not able to resolve debt crises
Which international mechanism to resolve debt crises
Are self help books really part of literature

Board - theek tha sajjan log lag rhe the , aaram se answer complete karne de rahe the

Utility of mocks - Dena chahiye, some repeatitive questions and framing of answers .

Note - mask utarne ko nhi bola , no intro , no. why IAS
Education - e&ece iit kharagapur
Optional - psychology
Hobbies - mindfulness meditation, podcasting on South Indian movies
Panel - shukla sir
Dt - feb 28th, forenoon

I entered the room filled with silence and nonchalant expressions from all panel members and the environment was bit intimidating at the start. I sat and started to try smiling when Shukla sir was going through my daf.

Chairman -
1. India's GERD has been only 0.7% but in the developed countries it's 1.8% of gdp. Why private companies aren't investing in r&d in India?
2. What is technology transfer vs knowledge transfer?
3. Is there gross underestimation in calculating Gerd?
4. What is NSTMIC?
5. Why india not getting nobel in physics? Last Indian to get Nobel Prize in physics?

1. What is sagarmala? What are the implications?
2. Approximate coastline of India?
3. What is logistic cost in india?
4. What was the year of iit kgp estb? Which foreign university it was associated to?
5. Any new halls of residence?
6. What is mindfulness meditation?
7. How to practice it?

M2 -
1. What are functions of TRAI?
2. What is Electronics communication privacy Act?
3. How will u use ECE in managing disasters?
4. Should yoga and meditation be made mandatory?

M3 - (mam)
1. What is positive psychology?
2. Is happiness measurable?
3. Who publishes global happiness index?
4. Which country measures happiness instead of gdp?
5. Why gdp as a measure is inadequate?
6. What is the rank of india in happiness index?
7. Which are the happiest countries?
8. What is positive psychology?
9. Do u think happiness be made a part of public policy?
10. Do you think democracy is the only form of govt that makes people happy?
11. What is the difference between sympathy, empathy and compassion?
12. What is rational compassion?
13. How do you apply rational compassion to a woman who lost her home and belongings in a fire accident?

M4 -
1. Have you ever taken employment?
2. If upsc cse didn't exist, what would be your career option?
3. Do you see hope in agri startup?
4. What is the difference between freud, adler and jung?
5. What is star(!?) personality?

Chairman - your interview is over and you can leave. All the best.

Mam reminded me about the mask. She wished me all the best too. I thanked them all and left the room with numerous thoughts and a sigh of relief.

Overall, the interview went on my daf and psychology to a large extent except hon chairman's questions. Reading 'all editorials' compilation for the last month was really helpful to locate the demand of the question. I liberally said 'I don't know' for some questions and they hinted me and asked me to guess. That way the board was cordial and cooperating. I felt the entire discussion chairman sir was trying to do was based on opinion piece appeared on 26th feb in the hindu.

Panel members especially Mam gave me enough opportunities to express my views freely. Overall the entire preparation for interview felt like a walking down the memory lane where every branch of our identity and personality kept on branching out to number of subsequent questions. However sticking to at least the basic things will pay much.

Mocks helped me rethink and rephrase my answers and led me to very important insights. Wish I started giving more mocks at the earliest.
Ksg panel with Khan sir, only ias, vajirao & ravi and chahal academy were good.

Interview preparation though challenging, felt like a rumination of the past and building a bureaucratic attitude for the future.
Board..chobey sir
Hobbies: basketball and badminton

1.tell about your academic background and work experience.
2.why you want to become a civil servant.

1.national dairy research institute  what it is known for.
2.How NDDB(dairy dev board)process work and hepled in operation flood. haryana cooperative works if compare to operation flood and where it happened.
4.other than research work,how nddb helping farmers and their income.
5.Is there animal census.

1.which day is today globally related to human health and how it is significant
2.when last census happened, how it is significant and when will be next. do u see sports participaion of women in haryana(daf).
4.which other states significantly doing well other than sports person from northeast state.
5.tell only one significant solution for correction of child malnutrition.

1.what is this balanced diet and components do u think people focused on it.
2.In recent years no.of cancer cases increased but death is not much,according to u which disease cause more no.of death globally and in india as well.
3.fires food awareness increasing more and more now a days...fibre biscuit and all...though it neither give nutrition nor absorb any nutrient..why then fibres are given
such importance.
4.whan eat antibiotics what impacts o n gut
5.which bacteria present in gut
6.what is probiotic and prebiotic what impacts of these products .
7.components of balanced diet
8.In india there is difference between food non-vegetarian and vegetarian diet  what is the source of vit.b12

M4 do u see agnipath schemes..tells its significance if any and if not as protest happened..should it be removed.
2.national education policy is being seen as a significant step still it has issues what are those
3.India and china relation how could be solved and if not what its impact
4.countries adjacent to India is being downfallling ,do u think India could save itself in such situations.

Chairman u want us to ask u anything else...i said no sir,thanku sir.
Sir said...your interview is over.

Mock utility....give you experience to speak but in upsc most of the questions from daf and current.
Smita nagaraj board
Work: faculty CTU
Current job where ru working and work experience any.
How India views different countries west, east and how it will balance in future.
I see you write articles on foreign policy where do you write?
Domestic we have have difficult and dirty politics and how are we speaking morally international.
Diaspora and emigration
Rise of right wing nationalism and how India should deal with it.

Member1 lady north east
She teams Telangana
How r they doing and its impact
Composition (unaware)
JNU is in news why
Is the ruling dispensation against JNU.
Compare JNU and osmania university.
Refugee boat sunk in medetarianan ?
Why this route is used.

Member 2

Migrants and refugee policy.
Assimilation of refugee
France vs India
Fears of migrants take over
Statistics used for false narratives (graduation).

Member 3
Tribal university
Compare north east and mainland tribes
Challges faced in teaching civil services to SC students.
Digitalisation access to resources can it be a leveler.

Member 4 ex SBI chairman
Compare Satya Nadella to sunder pichai
Leadership ability
Who are stakeholders in a corporation.
Date 24th February, forenoon 6th to go
Board- Smita Nagraj ma'am
Optional- Sociology
Graduation- Physics ( Fergusson college )
Profession- no work exp
State- Maharashtra
Hobbies- watching cricket, playing tabla( no question asked)
Chairman -1. You are from Sindhudurg so tell me about history of Sindhudurg and how it is linked to current times
2. Tell me, if someone speaks negative about personalities like Chatrapati shivaji maharaj then there erupts violence so do you think that our society has became intolerant?
3. Suppose you are commissioner of one municipality and there is illegal encroachment you have given orders to evict it, then what will you do?
4. Do you think laws favour powerful?

1. Member said that i read it somewhere during my graduation that Marathas knew how to destroy than to construct what are your views?
2. What you think battle of Panipat was it defeat of strategy or defeat of diplomacy?
3. Why India is not able to win test series in south africa?
4. Which book you have recently or in last month? ( i told three thousand stitches by Sudha Murthy) then he asked what was it about?

M2( he was in some grilling mood i thought)
Initially he told me you have good CGPA and academics is also good so you must be good in sociology too.. then he asked some concept related to sociology.. and I heard it for first time🥲 and then he seemed little surprised🫥..
2. Then he said ok and asked about tell me what are demographic challenges we are facing in India and is government doing enough to tackle those challenges? What other steps/policies we can take?
3. Are we agriculture surplus or agriculture deficit
4. What steps government taking for increasing oil production or two more questions i might be missing

1. Tushar you are from Fergusson college so tell me who were the founders of Fergusson college?
2. Who was Fergusson?
3. Tell me any one famous personality from your college
4. You have got inspire scholarship so suppose you have given opportunity to make changes in this policy what changes you will make?
5. Is this scholarship helping students? Shall we discontinue it?

1. There are incidents of  corruption in Maharashtra what steps you will suggest to reduce it?
2. Why south Indian movies are  more successful than Bollywood movies?
3. What was turning point in yesterday's match ( IND vs AUS T20 women's World Cup semifinal)
4. Was last over bowled by India also turning point?
5. What is current status of untouchability in Maharashtra? What steps you will suggest to reduce it?
Your interview is over, thank you

I said thank you.

Overall feeling cordial board , mostly from DAF and opinion based. Few questions repeated from mocks

Utility of mocks- I gave around 10 mocks just to get my presentation body language posture correct. In my opinion around 5/6 mocks would help to get acquainted with the formalities and also they help to improve presentation and structure of answers

I felt chahal academy's mock near to my actual interview. KSG especially one to one with Khan sir is also good. Apart from that vajirao and Reddy, unacademy were also decent.
Apart from that I used to discuss with my peer group!

All the best for others🤠
Board - shukla sir
no question on educational background
Hobby-poetry writing
Optional- sociology.
State Gurugram haryana.
Is civil service your childhood dream?
Why didn't you join private sector?
Why India lack on innovation?
Some counter questions on this

How sociology is impacting people?
Women empowerment, are women in today's world empowered?
So you write poetry say some couplets?

What all CSS schemes are reaching you village?
Pm kisan nidhi which installment is due?
Have you heard of ujjwala scheme?
What happened in Gurugram g20?

M3 - why india lack in innovation despite western nations advancing in it?
How would you rate gurugram as a smart City?
How has urbanisation impacted the society?

Why is g20 discussing war when it is not it's mandate?
Some counter questions.
Date and session of interview- 6th March 2023; Afternoon session
Board- Shri R.N. Choubey
Optional- Anthro
Hobbies- 1. Reading about defence related news
                 2. Following news media websites of USA

Told me to remove mask if I’ve no covid symptoms. I said I don’t have, but I’m suffering from cough, cold, fever since last few days. Sir told me to keep on mask on in that case
Asked me if I had lunch. What items in lunch
1. Forex reserve of India
2. Ways through which a nation earns Forex
3. Who owns forex: RBI, or Govt, or Banks?
4. Air India aircraft deal value
5. Should a company be allowed to use so much of our forex to buy aircraft? Would you have allowed it as RBI chairperson?
6. (some follow-up discussion on technicalities of aircraft pricing & purchase mechanism. Sir is ex-Aviation secretary & I’ve deep interest in aviation)
Member 1
1. If seniors in your office are critical of you, write a poor report of your performance, what will be your approach towards it
2. If you ever had to face a situation where you had to compromise on quality due to cost constrain
Member 2
1. Should we have large scale hydel power plants?
2. Environmental impact; Geological & engineering issues of such plants
3. Why should we invest in such plants, when Pakistan’s hydel projects are failing?
4. Defence manufacturing @ Atmanirbhar bharat (DAF Hobby)
5. Why Strategic partnership of Indian manufacturers with foreign OEM is failing
1. “Make-in-India” and “Made-in-India”
Member 3 (lady)
1. Too much protest around hydel projects. But nation needs such projects. Should we allow these protests?
2. Minerals mainly found in India
3. Why is India poor despite being rich in minerals
4. In which state XYZ mineral (don’t recall) is abundantly found ?
{I said sorry ma’am I don’t know. But she didn’t hear my response. Chairperson sir was very attentively listening. He told M3 that the candidate is saying he doesn’t know}
Member 4
1. Why media is called 4th pillar of democracy? Is it written in constitution (DAF Hobby)
2. What are other 3 pillars of democracy
3. Governors are sitting on bills passed by state legislature. {Here Chairperson sir told M4 that sir you gave a statement, what is your question for the candidate} M4 said he wants my view on the matter
1. Since you follow US media websites, what are your observations of US society, media, etc vis-à-vis India
1. US media often portrays India in poor light. Do you think they are biased ?

Your experience in interview- Board was cordial. Chairperson sir was very attentive. He was listening to every question of other members
Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)- Good for confidence building. But while mocks were heavily DAF based, in actual interview very little was asked from DAF

@Goldroot No updates anymore?

I am no knight. Do not call me Sir

Date and session of interview- 7 march afternoon session
Board- Lt Gen Raj Shukla Sir
Optional- PSIR
College- nothing asked
Profession (if any)- NA
Hobbies- reading Modern Indian history, reaserach paper on Sentiment analysis, Model UN

Chairman sir:
1. Discussion on role of revolutionaries in Modern indian history.
2. Discussion over narratives in history
3. Does history truly repeat
4. How do you see future of history writing

1. Continued discussion on modern history
2. How ruling regimes influence history
3. Narratives in school text books

1. Discussion on my research paper
2. Use of AI in reducing pendency in courts
3. What are the challenges of sentiment analysis
4. Role of UN in peace process
5. What is double veto
6. Powers and authority of UNGA
7. what is article 352 and changes made in it under constitutional amendments?

1. What are some unique features that make India a vibrant democracy
2.  What is Role of India’s secular structure in ensuring democracy
3.  A few follow ups
4.. Discussion on threats of sentiment analysis
5.Cambridge analytica controversy
6. Possibility of influencing elections
7. Ethics of using personal data in sentiment analysis and impaxt on democracy
8. Give a brief rundown of g20 presidency
7. Tell me about Caste based census and it’s pros and cons
8. You must be aware about Mandal Commission. Do you think similar situation can happen in aftermath of caste based census?

1. What was today’s aqi
2. What is the importance of aqi
3. Give measures that are in place and what more could be done?
4. What is Gati shakti ?
5. Role of gati shakti in improving indian logistic sector

Shukla sir looked at everyone and everyone nodded. Your interview is over and all the best.

Your experience in interview- Amazing. Very cordial board and a very discussion like experience here.
Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)- Chahal, chanakya mandal, vajirao and reddy, only ias, forum ias, Drishti IAS all good
O2O with Ravindran sir, Ayush sir, Vikas Divyakirti sir and Khan sir very good
Date of interview - 2nd March
Board - R.N Chaubey Sir
Afternoon - 4th to Go
Profession - No
Keywords - PSIR, IIT Delhi , Btech - Engineering Physics, Rajasthan, Jaipur
Hobbies - Ques not asked

 1. Please tell us about your educational qualification and Work Experience
 2. What is the basic principle behind Health Insurance
 3. If person does not get sick for 10 yrs and paying premium conitnuously, is it right if they feel that their insurance is waste of money
 4. What is he/she get sick after 10 yrs with some chronic illness, and then the health insurance company stops providing further insurance services, bec now they will incur more loss? Is it legal ? What do you think ?
 5. What about Crop insurance?
 6. What is the ground reality? Are farmers getting adequate money?

1st Member - lady
 1. What do you think is the most used metal in the world?
 2. ( Lady - India is top producer of Aluminium )
 3. Tell me about it ?
 4. Which all states produce most Aluminum?
 5. If you have to setup an Aluminium factory, what all factors will you consider ?
 6. Which country has largest Tribal population, as India has 2nd highest ?
 7. Tell me few policies for Tribal Welfare ?

2nd Member - Sir
 1. What is BRICS ? What is the reason for formation ? What is current status ?
 2. About Tension btw India and China ?
 3. Reasons for India China issues ?
 4. What can be the plausible Solutions ?

3rd Member - Sir
 1. Role of Pakistan in India China issues
 2. Little About BRI and What Steps India has taken to counter BRI
 3. What has Contitutional provisions about Tribals ?
 4. What is Engineering Physics ?
 5. Give example ?
 6. What are the new tech being developed to Store harnessed renewable energy ? (I spoke about Li-ion Batteries ,as one the solution)

4th member - Lady
 1. What are Rare earth Metal ?
 2. How they are now in increasing demand ?
 3. Which all countries has Lithium Resource ?
 4. What is the addition of labourers (in number ) in India each year ? Take a guess ?
 5. What is the total number of Work Force in India ?
 6. What is Women LFPR in India?
 7. Is it more than Bangladesh or less ?
 8. What is LFPR of Men ?
 9. How in India can we increase the LFPR of women ?
 10. What has NEP2020, mentioned about increasing women participation in STEM field
 • We have finished our ques, do you wish to ask anything to us, feel free to ask
 • Your interview is over, thank you !!
 • The board looks cordial only bec their objective is to assess us and not to make us practice interview, so they just accept whatever we say to them - to analyse us
 • The environment seems intimidating due to our expectations, but board tries best to make us feel comfortable
 • Experience about happy go luck interview or Poker faced board, is out of ones control, maybe depends on our luck
 • Overall, working on our Calmness helps the most

Mocks and O2O
 • Mocks are for sure helpful, they kind of prepare us for difficult situation in actual personality test, Practice etiquette's
 • O2O - Helpful as we get an idea that things are within our reach, boost motivation
Date - 2 March, forenoon session, last to go
Board - Smita Nagraj Ma'am
Optional - Economics
Profession - Currently RBI, ex-Bank of America
College - IITK
State - Rajasthan
Hobbies - movies and travelling
Keywords - banking, RBI, movies, travelling, NCC, economy
Time - 25-30 minutes

1. What are you doing since leaving Bank of America?
2. How have we benefitted by allowing private and foreign banks?
3. Why public sector banks are needed?
4. But priority sector lending also applies to foreign and private sector banks?
5. Why govt keeps on putting more public money in PSBs even when they are not generating enough profits?
6. Are we being fair towards foreign and private banks when govt is recapitalising PSBs?

1. What is ESG?
2. What are green bonds?
3. Although inflation management is RBI's work but how can govt play its part in this?
4. Question on bank consolidation and benefits from it.
5. What are the general characteristics of corporate governance? (And some cross questions)

M2 (female)
1. Which all places have you travelled?
2. Differentiate between nature of tourism in Meghalaya and Sikkim.
3. Are you aware about any permit system while visiting border areas in these two states?
4. Why RRR has been such a success across the world? (Some counter questions on how storyline and action sequences can said to be unique?)
5. Point out one social problem in Rajasthan that you think demands attention?
6. How would you as a DM of one such district would ensure that this social problem is eradicated?

1. Which department of RBI are you part of?
2. What is the nature of your work and which vertical are you assigned?
3. How many banks have undergone liquidation since independence?
4. Don't you think RBI has failed in its function as a central banker with these many bank failures?
5. List down different functions of RBI?
6. Don't you feel that there is a conflict of interest when RBI functions as govt's debt manager?
7. Shouldn't RBI be restricting itself to core central banking functions to improve its efficiency?
8. A new AIFI formed recently to finance long term projects?

Chairman ma'am thought all members are done asking and said "thank you, your interview is over. You may go now." But then realised one member is still left asking so asked to continue.

1. What is RBI's logo?
2. What is the story behind RBI's logo?
3. What is the motto of NCC?
4. What have you learnt from NCC?
5. Should conscription be made legally enforceable in India?
6. But conscription will help generate feeling of patriotism and discipline among youth. Don't you think so?

Chairwoman - while smiling - thank you, your interview is over!

Experience - Board was cordial. Smita ma'am smiled, nodded in between and was observing carefully. Majority part of interview revolved around RBI, economy and banking, and some points from DAF. Fumbled while answering some questions and said no whenever I wasn't sure.

Utility of mocks - to build confidence and some questions on hobby were repeated.
PT Date : 22/02/2023 morning (2nd to go)
Board : Smita Nagraj Ma'am
Keywords: West Bengal (home state+ state govt employee), Satyajit Ray (mentioned in DAF),Bengali Literature (optional)

1. Explain about your job role.
2. View on press freedom and biaseness of media (my job role includes media mgmt)..2/3 related counter questions
3.So you like Satyajit Ray, but I think Ritwik Ghatak is a better film maker what do you say? what is so special about Ray?

1. what are the movies by Satyajit ray that you have watched? (I named few, he asked few more and I said yes to all of them)
2. Have you read Sarat chandra? Srikanto? what do you think about the character?
3. you have a very long work exp. What are your observations?

M2: have a very long work exp.How would you manage multiple works in limited time? have a very long work exp.There may be many instance where one has to compromise with integrity. What are your views?
3.What is EEZ
4.What would you do to improve nutritional levels of children?
5.What are the security arrangements of coastal area?

1.Name few newspapers of countries around us and other countries. (because my job role includes press)
2.Long monologue about Nobel laureates of WB and then asked about Amartya sen Land issue with Viswa Bharati

1.Two sugeestions to CM about developing economy
2. How to develop human dev indicators in WB

Chairperson: Thank you, interview is over
Date and session of interview- 10th march 2023, afternoon session, 2nd to go
Board- RN Chaubey sir
Optional- Electrical
College- NIT Surat(nothing asked)
Profession (if any)- Telecom Sector
Hobbies- (nothing asked)
Duration - 15-20mins
Keywords in DAF relevant to questions asked- Telecom

If you don't have any symptoms remove your mask
1) Tell us about yourself in brief, describing only academic and work experience
2) What exactly you are doing in present jon?

1) Do you think Intolerance is increasing in society. Issues of returning awards, comments from other nations etc. Asked opininon
2) When is Int Yoga Day? (Random, not in DAF)
3) Contribution of Ramdev towards Yoga?
Followup on commercial side of it.

1) Should we focus on social sector too much? Opinion
2) Impact of banning Huawei, ZTE in telecom sector
3) Is India right in maximizing oil imports from Russia?
Follow up on: Does it means taking side of Russia in war?

1) What is 5Gi ? Can it become global standard in future? What are issues
2) Govt plans to reduce fossils nd all still why high subsidy on Fossils, Crude etc
3) When efficiency of Solar is low, why to focus on it. How much is the efficiency?

M4(female member):
1) Hydro energy, potential? Should we promote? Issues related to it?
2) Why capital investment is necessary?

My experience:
Board was cordial.
Didn't interrupt while answering and no cross questions.

Mocks help in getting over the anxiety of speaking in front of experienced panel and think.
Date/session - 6th Mar/Forenoon
Board - Mrs Preeti Sudan Ma'am
Name - neilcantbirdwahtch
Attempt count - 5th Attempt, 1st Interview
Grad -  Instrumentation & Control(ICE) Engg
Hobbies - Walking, Online Virtual Football Competition
Duration - 25ish minutes

First one to go. Total 5 members, not a big room with the 4 members on their individual sofa chairs. Impeccably cordial and encouraging board. Felt like a really short interview imo. I gave elaborate responses, they didn't intervene in between. Most of the questions were analytical. Felt like it was actually just a conversation with a natural flow and transition. It didn't seem that they had readymade questions in advance barring one occasion with M4.


Ma'am tried to comfort me and put me to ease by telling me that it was just a friendly conversation to know me, and I should be relaxed and free to ask them for clarifications if any.

- So you were an Intern before and then a full time employee at the same company. What were your roles?(PMIC subdivision, PowerON module as an intern, Clocks module as an employee so cellular connectivity ensured in mobile systems during concurrencies)

- Why have we been experiencing call drops of late?

- Physical towers might be replaced with superior tech soon. What's the expected timeline in your opinion?(I told her that my knowledge was rudimentary and I can't give an informed estimate, she accepted the response with an encouraging "Fair enough")

- So you participate in Online Virtual Football Management Tournaments. Elaborate.

- Do you play football IRL?


- You sound really articulate and I'm impressed by your structured and informed thought process. Tell me, how will you use this thought process in administration?

- From your profile, it looks as if you're a Privileged Delhi boy who has good educational credentials, worked in a well paying job and who is now looking to come work in government for a new experience. What do you have to say to that?

- Tell me honestly, why CSE?

- This is a good response but a typical response we occasionally hear. Tell me what you can add to the administration with your academic credentials.

- EPL(Premier League) is flushed with money. What do you have to say about that?

- So does money matter?


- How will you use the knowledge of instrumentation and control in administration?

- Delhi pollution, how to solve?

- Use of data in handling pollution?

- Are you aware of the recent issue surrounding data related to kids/minors?

- C emissions, what should be the response?

- Any specific fund catering to this problem?


- So you spoke about EV in your response to pollution problem, how to encourage EV usage?

- Can you see India moving to exclusively EV based ecosystem in the next 5 years?

- Shouldn't govt create a complete charging ecosystem prior to pushing for EV? Why/Why not?

- Will EV also push the envelope of vehicular safety and telematics further?


- Every citizen whether rich or poor needs govt support. What can govt do better for citizens, give me some 5-6 reforms required and how to realise them on the ground?

- Speak for a minute in support and against the statement "India will get old before it gets rich".


- Your Interview is over, you may leave-

While i was getting up forgot my mask on the table, I was reminded to pick it up by by M1. I politely thanked him for reminding me. I also wasn't able to locate the crease of the door immediately while going out due to curtains and a good camouflaging paint xD.
Date: 9 March forenoon session
Board: Preeti Sudan Mam + 4 Male Members
Background: B.E. in Information Technology
Home State: Delhi
Optional: Maths
School : DAV public school
Sports: Cricket
Leadership: Founding member of Axiom-Discourse society of Nsit
Hobbies: Blogging,Spending time in nearby Gaushalas and Temple,Practicing Yogic asanas and pranayama

1. Tell me something about River Yamuna.
2. Tell Yamuna River vis a vis Delhi.
3. Are you sure that Delhi gets its water need from Yamuna?
4. Why you go Gaushalas?
5. what more you get by going to Gaushalas apart from that?
6. Lot of opportunities and high paying jobs are there in IT then why not that,why civil services?

M1:(Mr. Manjeev singh puri - Former Ambassador to Nepal)...(Speaking in proper Hindi)

1. Tell me what is the issue of yamuna sutlej linking project?
(follow up on this for next 2-3 questions )
2. Tell me about women Cricket in India.
(follow up on this for next 2-3 questions )
3. He said that Cricket is the thing which unites each and every indian and even South Asian. So can we use Cricket as a medium to promote South Asian Unity?
(follow up on this for next 2-3 questions )


1. Tell me something about DAV.
2. So you were taught something with respect to vedas and aryasamaj?
3. What is the contribution of DAV?
4. Is there any Contribution of DAV in our freedom struggle?
5. Have you ever feared Mathematic in your life?
6. You have IT as well as Maths, so which is more important?
7. How will you solve issue of your area technologically?
8. Issue of parking is there in your area..what would be its solution?
9. What is state of public transportation in your area?


1. What motivates you to create new society Axiom?
2. Why it is named as Axiom?
3. Why it is named as Discourse?
(follow up on this for next 1-2 questions )
4. What other thing you do when you feel low apart from finding positivity in going Gaushalas?
5. what is Govt doing for Inland waterways?
6. Apart from tourism and transportation what is the use of inland waters?
7. Are you aware of a Country which have utilised there inland waters most effectively?


1. Which school of Yoga you do?
2. From where you learn Yoga?
3. Tell something about Indus Water Treaty.
4. why you are using Ravi , Beas , Chenab in Indus River Treaty?
5. Why India have calling for renegotiation of Indus Water Treaty?
6. Do you know about Highest bridge in the world constructed in J&K?
7. How many Gaushalas are there in your area?
8. Who own lands of Gaushalas in Urban areas?
9. River gives us many things but what we have given to Rivers?(I was thinking on this question but before that sir continued as)
10. we have given them Pollution
11. (One more question i am not able to recall.)

Chairperson: Thank you Beta, All the Best
Date : 10th March 2023, Forenoon, Last to go
Board : Lt. Gen. Raj Shukla Sir
Background : MBBS
Work Ex : Medical Tourism (assistant manager)
Home state : Haryana
Attempt : 2nd Attempt, 1st Interview
DAF keywords : Diploma in International Relations, Model UN, South China Sea, Mental Health, Youtube, turncoat debating

Overall Experience : felt like a nice conversation. Hoping for the best!

Chairman sir :
1. Where do you see China's internal politics headed?
2. What is Left left right in chinese politics?
3. How do you see Chinese foreign policy in the coming years?
4. Our EAM is saying there is no trouble with china. Do you agree?
5. Do you think this is the end of China's Hide and Bide?
6. Why has China settled its border disputes with most countries but not with India?
7. Is economy the only factor in conflicts? EAM is saying they are the larger economy.
8. What is India's model of secularism?
9. Is the west also embracing religions now or is there a different model of secularism there? Which country?

1. Ours is a welfare state. Why are the prices of medical drugs so high and what can be done about it?
2. Discussion on compulsory licensing
3. Discussion on parallel import
4. What is borand exemption? (couldn't hear this properly)
5. What is the government doing to reduce the price of drugs?
6. Dont you think it would be better to negotiate with the pharma companies before hand rather than giving patents?

1. What is turncoat debating?
2. Do a turncoat debate on the topic : The government that governs the least is the best government.
3. What is habeas corpus?
4. When was it suspended?
5. Who was the dissenting judge?

1. You are from haryana. What do you think of Khap Panchayats?
2. As a doctor, what would you like to say about sagotra marriage and intercaste marriage?
3. What do you do on youtube? How many subscribers / hits on your channel?
4. Why did you start discussing mental health?
5. What is the G20?
6. India's G20 presidency and priorities.

M4 (lady member)
1. What is your opinion on internet shutdowns? What purpose do they serve?
2. SImultaneous elections and discussions on that.

Chairman sir:
1. Why is there a divide between the global south and the G20?
2. Dont you think in Russia Ukraine war, Global South should have gone with the underdog ukraine?

Thank you, you interview is over.

Utility of mocks :
Nothing like the real experience, there is much more stress there.
However, they do help in framing your thoughts. Good ones : Chanakya Mondal Pariwar, Chahal Academy, Unacademy, Civils Daily.
Samkalp was okay
Avoid : IAS gurukul
O2O : Very helpful (all 3 of them were extremely helpful. best experience was these 3 one to ones.) Satyam Jain sir, Kaptaan bhaiya (interview was on the lines of his O2O session), Atish Mathur Sir.
Discussion with my friends group helped the most.
Date and session of interview- 9 th feb 2023 (morning session last one to go)
Board- smita nagraj ma'am
Optional- history
College- government engineering college ujjain
Profession (if any)- no
Hobbies- waste to craft making for home decore

good morning beta..
Please baithiye beta..
Small conservation on saree...
1- your hometown related to tendu leaves.. Tell me about issue faced by tribes related to tendu leaves?
2-  tell me 3 most vulnerable section of our society I said ( tribe, women, children... She said no no tell me specific you cover around 60% of our population, as north east tribe so prosperous... Tell me something specific?
3- issues related to tribal people? ( I used word rural indebtedness)
4- u said rural indebtedness. So tell me issues behind this problem that money landers has reach to tribe and our government has not??
5- u know about art 370 .? Why challenged in sc?
6- you know other provision of our constitution same as art 370
7- why 370 abolished and 371not?
Ok thank you ....

Member 1-( female)
1-  ap bhi consumer aur me bhi consumer right.. Tell me something about consumer rights?
2- apne suna hoga na aj ka news jisme ek lady consumer ke hairs kharab kr diye aur arround 2 crore ki penalty lagayi h...... How can you see this news?
3- Do you think  this much penalty is good??
4- so u believe in deterrence  policy ( I said definitely no ma'am but ma'am according place and time ....hme ye bhi  krna hi padhta h )

Member 2
1- tell me something about gst ?
2- how many slabs in gst?
3- you know luxury goods sin goods are in 28% slab... So  what is your opinion about cement ? should it comes under 28℅ slab or not ?
4- i said no  ... Why not?
5- what is your opinion about women reservation in legislative Assembly and panchayat level ( mentioned I am not talking about parliament )
6- why and what are the pros of women reservation at panchayat level?
7- what is technical difference between chatgpt and bard ?

Member 3
You read history as your optional... I said yes sir

1- what is india according to history?
2- what is challenges of integral india?
3 - tell me one lesson from history which you learnt and also relevant in today's scenario?

1- On what basis the Constitution of India recognizes minority status?
2- are you sure only religious and linguistic basis?  What about Cultural basis ?
3- you know states too can define minority status.....And center has different list of minority people? What is your opinion ??  Ye sab different different level pr status define krne dena chahiye??
Ok  interview is over
Thnk u
God bless you beta... Ap ja sakte h
I said thnk u ma'am.

Your experience in interview- very cordial and amazing experience.
Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)- samkalp mocks helpful
Date and session of interview- Subah subah bula liye humko 13 March.
Board- Sathyavathy ma'am
Optional- Itihaas gawah hai
College- Padharo mhare des
Profession (if any)- dukh dard kasht peeda. Yahi humara profession hai
Hobbies- Queen's Gambit, Rock On
Your experience in interview- board was extremely cordial. Initially when I entered there were 4 members, another ma'am joined in the middle of the interview. Interview was 70% from DAF.
Ma'am wished good morning, I wished the others as well. She read out the DAF loudly.
1. You're from West Bengal or Rajasthan? Then why did you go to Rajasthan for graduation?
2. There was a common entrance test in 2014 also? (There was. It was recently extended to all Central Universities)
3. Do you still play chess (Yes ma'am with a huge smile on my face. I try to play everyday.)
4. What is rapid chess? How does it differ from classical chess?
5. What is the time control? (Classical chess sometimes has 1.5 hours time control for games. Said that). 1.5 hours for every move?
6. Green Hydrogen Mission? What are the problems you can identify as a chemist?
7. And what are the benefits of it? (Ma'am didn't seem satisfied by my answer)
8. Why are we focusing so much on it?
Passed on to member 1
M1: (Ma'am who joined later.)
1. What does the NCC do? ( Said don't know the specifics ma'am)
2. But you were in NCC no? (I wasn't. CP ma'am glared at her for a good minute after this😂)
3. Acha tell me the full form of NCC. (Mental dialogue: Are ma'am dur dur tak naata nahi hai mera NCC se)
4. You've heard of NSS? What do they do? (Sorry ma'am)
5. They were there in your university? (No. They began in the year I passed out.)
6. What was the story you wrote for which you won the prize? (Asked permission if I could narrate the story. She said tell in 3 lines. Bataya maine 3 line jitna ho saka).
7. What else did you do in the literary club? What other clubs were you a part of?
8. You play the guitar? What sort of guitar? Do you sing also? ( Said no with a wide smile)
9. So you generally accompany others? (Said mostly yes but I have also performed solo once or twice)
M3:( Sir. Maine galti se ma'am bol diya inko. Thankfully he didn't hear😂)
1. You spoke about hydrogen mission. Why are we coming out with a plan for renewable energy?
2. Agriculture in your state is mostly rice related. What problems do you have in rice cultivation
3. Do you know of soil productivity (he said something else but the essence was the same. I said I don't know exactly but if you allow me I would like to try)
4. Gave a monologue about 3 rice crops then asked me to explain. Bataya bhai generic baate.
5. Tell me about the cheetah mission.
6. But what are the benefits of it?
7. But tigers and panthers can also do the same thing. Why are we not introducing them? (I said habitat is different for them. Plus cheetahs were there in the areas we are reintroducing them)
Said there are some more reasons. Look them up.
M3: (he was to my exact left but he was speaking so low that I couldn't hear him on 2 occasions)
1. Do you think history is biased?
2. But history is fact based. Why is it biased then? (Said sir it depends on the historian's perspective as well as the new information we unearth from time to time)
3. Do you think history is dead?
4. Why should we save our museums? (I mistakenly heard should instead of why. He corrected me. Said that they are a repository of our culture. Even my interest in history began when I visited the Indian museum in Kolkata)
Two or three more questions. All were history related.
M4: (sir)
1. I'll give a situation. You are the CEO of the municipality of a city. Industries there need skilled workers, but people of the area are not willing to let migrant workers come in. How would you balance the need of all stakeholders? Take a minute and answer. (Essence of the question was this. He spoke for nearly a minute)
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