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Is there any chance of prelims getting postponed

Considering lockdown situation, for many those who are dependent on coaching etc are affected in their prep for prelims 2020. Is there any chance of it getting delayed atleast by a month



A big no


yes there is a good chance.


1. Virus cases are increasing daily and we never know when its going to peak. And in the peak stages gov. machinery, Police , Hospital staff , media etc are going to invest heavily in saving lives . 

2. UPSC cannot and will not risk peoples lives in these situations by taking chances and moreover interviews are yet to be over.

3. Huge disruption has occurred all over the country and this pandemic is a once a lifetime scenario with devastating effects on lives lost as well as economy going into recession , so surely  "a big no" will not be the response from either govt. or UPSC. 

  However UPSC is generally ruthless and can wait till the last moment until they announce the postponement of exam if at all they want to. So given these reasons, from aspirants side safe thing to do is to prepare for the worst case scenario of the exam being held on may 31 and preare accordingly, any extra time will surely be a valuable addition to prepare

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