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Letters to ForumIAS #1

Letters to ForumIAS #1
Hey!  I wrote Mains this year. Now, I'm not sure how to proceed. My exams were fine. I'm kind of optimistic.

But one can never say...  One option is joining Mains Test series. This'll be useful if I have to write mains again, in case I don't clear this time or for rank improvement. But i think this wouldn't help. When I didn't clear the Prelims in 2018, I joined a mains test series (MGP 19 Batch A) and wrote tests every week.

Moreover, I don't feel motivated right now to commit for a year long program as the results haven't been declared. 

Then, preparing for interview. A friend who got IPS this year thinks that there's sufficient time for interview prep after result.  Starting Prelims prep is too early, i think. But that's the craziest bit, so I'm not very comfortable either.

I'm considering going for SFG, but that starts before the Mains result is declared. So, I'm unsure. Also, a part of me doesn't want to appear for the exam after 2019 attempt. 

I have done internships and volunteer work. So, I don't "have to" right now.  Don't think I'll mention a hobby..  What to do then? Thoughts?


Hello sir /madam , I am Shilpa from Jharkhand ,I want to know about your news related program i.e. 14minutes revision video  at 9pm and 10pm quiz.  . I want to know that I should I get that , actually I am new and  I have no idea so please guide me.

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