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MCQ Elimination Technique/ Trick/Hacks/Observations

Post Your Observations regarding Elimination Technique

Please Use Only UPSC PYQ papers.

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Hacks can help, but sometimes, they can mess you up as well. Sometimes, you rely on the hack so much that you go for another option instead of the correct option, against your own better judgement. Like the "only" hack. Tricks are a double edged sword.

One hack that stated "statements which quote data/year etc are usually wrong" got me to get the PVTG question wrong last year. 

Tread with care! 

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Extreme sentences are mostly wrong for e.g in question below "No application at all". Then remove that statement and only 1 option is left and that's the answer.

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There was 2 statements which having data

1) 95 PVTG

2) 18 States and 1 UT


Hack 1


UPSC 2019:

One question about IVC(Which of these is not an indus valley site) and another one about Ranyo Asoka both had "Sohgaura" as an option. 

Since the same site has been used for IVC and Mauryan Rule, if you have eliminated the IVC question to two options (Sohgaura and Desalpur), pick Sohgaura for IVC question since it is also there in the Asoka as a potential Mauryan site. 

What you should not do is have a brain fade, and pick Desalpur for IVC question, and Sohgaura for Ranyo despite noticing this. I know someone who did that. :P He wonders why he did that, to this day. That someone might be me. 

Hack: Read other questions you are unsure of, and their options properly and look for clues that might help you arrive at the answer for another question.

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#notice 3

When stuck at  2 seemingly interrelated options, and the question asks the effect of any scheme or policy, always mark the option  which is directly affected by the aforesaid policy/scheme

Which of the following are the main objectives of Gold Monetization Scheme

launched in the country ? 

1. To monetize gold holdings in the country 2. To increase export of gold from the country

3. To reduce India’s import bill 4. To meet the targets of reduction in fiscal deficit

Answer Codes: (a) 1 and 4 only (b) 2 and 4 only (c) 2 and 3 only (d) 1 and 3 only

b/w 3&4  go with 3 because it is directly affected .fiscal deficit may or may not be reduced 

(note to self=*similar mistake done in 2019 financial regulator question. marked fc )

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