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Mains 2022 - All Papers PDF + R**** Rona + Paper Discussion

what is your deep down feeling people ? will u b clearing this stage ? i mean we all know how we did 

I'm 101 percent sure to clear mains with extra fuel to last till the final pdf. I'm so much overconfident that I'm just excited and not nervous for the results at all. So if I don't find my roll no in the list, I must quit thhe preparation since this was my best attempt and my potentially best attempt. So atleast there is a great carefree clarity to me.

Did u give interview last year , By how much marks u missed thr final cutoff  ? 


Hi Friends!!

I just dropped by to say all the best to all of you. I re-activated my account today after many years. I was a serious player from 2013-2017, I had scored pretty well in Essay(160) and Sociology(235), thereafter I wrote CAT and got into a B school (yes, despite 4 years of gap on my profile). My life changed completely thereafter. I did well in academics and met the love of my life in college. Today I am working in the sector of financial inclusion and getting paid quite decently. My heart goes out when I see old players getting into depression or facing difficult financial situation. I may not have cleared the exam but I am still working for the upliftment of rural population. If you need any support/guidance about Plan B or how to get into B Schools or how to get to work for rural population, feel free to contact me at

All the best guys for your future endeavours!!

What are the chances to secure  a decent B schools after 6 gap years in UPSC ? 

Can we get a decent B School after scoring well in CAT after 6 gap years in upsc . What are the gap year/age limit criteria in prominent B Schools 
How does they consider this scenario in interview

If some knows this pls tell 

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