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@AlexanderSupertramp LOVE this song. Watched him live once. He took his shirt off and started doing pushups on stage during the song. Ruined it for me. :P

But I listened to it again! Loved it! Thanks for sharing!


i am sorry i may sound depress (but i am not) . please avoid reading in that case

sometimes it seems like its all lost i even don't want to write neither talk about what i am feeling have everything around you but then also feels alone having no one who can understand your vulnerabilities. it better seems to be anonymous and be like that always.preparation has taken all of me. having no social life no friends around or better to say all settled and i still struggling every day with my own scheldule.

sometimes i want to end this but then my parents face confronts me they scold they love they would motivate it all sticks with me for some time and then again the same.

Hey, I went through something similar a few months back. Days would pass and I would be unable to study even a single line. There was a persistent empty feeling; so much so that the mental pain felt like physical pain.

It's easier said than done, but one has to be conscious of time passing us by. Your social life isn't important if avoiding it is giving you joy. Otherwise, it has no place in your life.

This is the time you get to figure out who you are, it's not just about the exam. Half the battle is in your head. If you can't win that battle, don't be too hard on yourself. If failure to meet your targets is making you miserable, try again. However, if the thought of trying again is what makes you miserable, I see no point in continuing with this pursuit. This exam is worthless if it destroys you.

Always do things that give you joy. 

Do not live life on autopilot. Be conscious of your surroundings and each passing moment. Do things that will give you joy, and avoid those that gratify you in the short run and leave you unhappy with yourself at the end.

Make this exam the central point of your life only if working for it gives you joy. That does not mean doing the easy things which gives you happiness. Doing the hard things and pushing yourself towards your goals should give you joy. If it does not, then, what is the point of this exam? This exam requires you to work hard, but don't see this only as a means to an end. The personal growth you are going through right now is knowledge and an end in itself. 

This is the time you get to mould yourself into the person you need to be in order to clear this exam. Focus solely on you, not on things and the noise around you. Be selfish, you owe it to yourself. Always remember that this is also temporary. 

Finally, want to leave you with one thought: Do not strive for happiness, but strive for joy. Joy is not dependent on external circumstances, while happiness is. You can achieve joy only if you are at peace with yourself. Do things that will help you achieve that peace, whatever that means to you. Focus on you; only then does the exam mean anything at all. 

At the end of the day, it is just an exam. It is just an exam. It is just an exam.