[Offical] AWFG 2.0 - The SFG for Mains 2021 | https://blog.forumias.com/AWFG21 - NOTICEBOARD - ForumIAS

[Offical] AWFG 2.0 - The SFG for Mains 2021 | https://blog.forumias.com/AWFG21 - NOTICEBOARD

[Offical] AWFG 2.0 - NOTICEBOARD - https://blog.forumias.com/AWFG21
Update on June 25

Please check Noticeboard Daily  -https://blog.forumias.com/AWFG21

Dear Friends,

We are excited to share with you about the commencement of AWFG 2.0.

The AWFG 2.0 commences with the Entrance Test on 27th May, 2021 @11AM.

There have been some changes to the AWFG program on the basis of overwhelming suggestions and demands made by you.

The AWFG 2.0 has the below features

#1 It now closely resembles SFG, but for the Mains Examination.
#2 Regular Answer Writing is ensured through more than 40 Tests.
#3 Complete coverage of static issues and syllabus for first-timers
#4 Is a replacement for GS Crash Course, via Test Taking, Classes and Crisp Answer Handouts
#5 Grading of your Test Papers and Regular Rankings for instilling discipline and competition.

For updates please subscribe to our dedicated AWFG Channel here:https://go.forumias.com/awfg21
Update #12

This is to remind you that we shall be holding a LIVE Mentor Session with Mr Ayush for AWFG Students Tomorrow i.e. on Friday at 10 AM. You can ask your doubts live in the chatbox during the session.

Please click on the link given below to set a reminder or to join the session:https://go.forumias.com/awfgsession 

Update #11 Due to unavoidable circumstances, the AWFG Test #6 scheduled on Friday, June 11, is rescheduled to June 12, Saturday at 8 AM followed by discussion.

#Update #10 Instructions on how to write AWFG 2.0 - Tests

Check instructions on how to write AWFG 2.0 tests: https://go.forumias.com/393

#Update #9 AWFG 2.0 - Good Copies

You can check AWFG 2.0 - Good Copies here:https://go.forumias.com/392

Update #8 Payment Links for AWFG 2.0 - SFG for Mains 2021 (First Month)

Payment for students selected in AWFG 2.0 (Select Focus Group) - Rs. 4000 + GST (18%) per month 

Payment for students selected in AWFG 2.0 (Reserve List Group) - Rs. 5000 + GST (18%) per month 

Update#7 Result of  AWFG 2.0 - SFG for Mains 2021 - Entrance test

Update#6 You can submit your AWFG Paper by 28th May, 12 PM

If you face difficulties while uploading the copy, you can attach your copy and email it to farej@flaviant.com with the subject "AWFG Copy - Your Name"

Update #5 Registrations for AWFG 2.0 are now closed.

Registrations for AWFG 2.0 are now closed. If you have missed the registration for any genuine reasons, you can fill up this form below, and our team will reach out to you. No phone calls or emails will be entertained apart from the form below.

Please fill the form: https://go.forumias.com/361

Updates #4 Download the Revised Generic QCA Booklet for writing AWFG 2.0

Note: You can download the QCA Booklet for a print-out fromhttps://go.forumias.com/191In case you have printing concerns, you must print this one-pager (https://go.forumias.com/192) as the front page for every test and then write and submit to us. Why do we not evaluate copies that are not in QCA or do not have the front page? Read here:https://support.forumias.com/why-is-my-mgp-copy-rejected-by-forumias/

Acceptable formats of Entrance Test / AWFG Submissions :(1) Kindly take a printout and submit answers in the designated Generic QCA Booklets (2) If you do not want to print the whole Generic Booklet, take print out of the first page only and attach it to your scanned PDF submission (3) You can also draw the front page of the QCA, fill up the details and attach it to your submission.

Not acceptable forms of submission :  (1) No file format other than PDF will be accepted (2) The front page must carry the details of the Test and the Student (3) The Answers sheets must have margins drawn when print out is not taken.

Please ensure that correct question numbers are mentioned before every answer.

Updates #3 Instructions for writing AWFG 2.0 - Entrance Test

Updates #2 Detailed exam plan (Calendar) for AWFG 2.0:

Updates #1 Link for Registration for Entrance Test (27th May):

Registration Closed

If you miss the AWFG 2.0 Entrance Test or did not register earlier, Please fill up the form below so that we can reach out to you and facilitate admissions for the AWFG 2.0 - SFG for Mains 2021,Click hereto fill the form.

Who is AWFG 2.0 meant for?

AWFG 2.0 is meant for candidates who are looking for an Intensive, competitive program with the best peer group to complete their coverage of the GS Syllabus in the shortest time possible.

It is recommended for candidates who have not been able to devise a comprehensive strategy for Mains preparation, and still have prelims based approach to exam preparation. Candidates who have written Mains, but lack notes on GS across the papers can use the program to complete their coverage of the syllabus and make high-quality crisp notes for the same.

Candidates who have secured a Rank, but are looking for Rank improvement and a complete revision of the syllabus can benefit from this program. 


What are we providing?

We are planning to provide completeissue-based preparation of Mains with the new and revamped AWFG 2.0 

The Answer Writing Group - will be selected from the Entrance Test to be conducted on May 27, Thursday at 11 AM.

From the Entrance Test, the Top 100 Students will be selected for the Select Focus Group (SFG) and the remaining candidates will be part of the Reserve List Group (RLG), subject to a total strength of 350 candidates to have a fair degree of competition and peer learning. 

( The reason for restricting the numbers to 350 is because this year we are also providing a grading for the Test Papers submitted by you. Further, to provide complete coverage of the syllabus, we have increased the number of Tests and Questions so that you can be rest assured of good coverage. We are working to expand this capacity to at least 600 students in the coming days. ) 


What will be the typical day of an AWFG Aspirant?

The Candidates will be required to log on to Academy Portal at 7:45 AM. At 8 AM, the Question Paper will be made available on the portal in PDF format.

( Candidates will be provided with a generic QCA Booklet PDF by the 27th of May, which they can print and use for writing the Tests. This generic booklet can be used for attempting all Tests and will not have questions printed on them. ) 

Candidates will be required to write the Tests in the Generic QCA Booklets between 8 AM to 9 AM. 

There will be between 7-10 questions out of which candidates will be required to attempt ANY 5 or 7 Questions - depending on the syllabus. The duration of the Test will be of 35 minutes for 5 Question Tests and 50 minutes for 7 questions Test paper. )

There will be a window of 30 minutes till 9:30 AM by which candidates will be expected to submit their copies online.

At 9:30 AM, the discussion of the Tests will be conducted in the online mode ( can be pre-recorded or LIVE depending on the Covid situation in New Delhi ), and solution handouts will be provided.

By 11 PM, of the same day, candidates who have submitted their copy by 9:30 AM, their copies will be graded ( not evaluated ) and a rank-list will be published indicating their position - if they are part of the - The Select Focus Group ((SFG) or the Reserve List Group (RLG). 

Tests will be conducted 4 days a week - on days - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

Candidates will be reshuffled on the basis of daily performance and a new list will be published every week - which will indicate if the candidate is in Reserve List Group (SFG) or the Select Focus Group (SFG)

At the end of the month, the candidate will be required to pay the renewal fee for the next month based on his monthly ranklist.


What is the Select Focus Group and Reserve List Group?

The Select Focus Group consists of a select few - 100 students who have scored well in the entrance examination. The reserve list consists of the rest of the candidates. 

This group is not permanent and every week, on the basis of performance, candidates will be shuffled between Select Focus Group and Reserve List.


What is being offered in the program?

In this program, a complete solution to content building and syllabus coverage is being offered through Questions & Answers. 

It also serves well as a crash course of GS for those who are looking for a program like this, with the exception that the AWFG requires active learning on the part of the student.

The faculty shall discuss all the 10 questions, along with a crisp handout for the answers that will be provided to you. This ensures maximum coverage of issues through the Tests and Sessions.

Thus we aim to cover all the major issues from Mains perspective. This is what we mean when we talk about "issue-based preparation".

The Solution Handouts will be something on the lines of Concept Classes Handouts that are being provided to MGP++ students of 2022. You can see a handout of ForumIAS Concept Classes here.

No model answers will be provided.


Will copies be evaluated?

Copies in this initiative will NOT be evaluated like MGP copies, but will be graded. This means that you will not get detailed comments or mentorship in this program.

What you will get instead is a relative indicative score ( RIS ) for each Test that you write.

Copies will be graded, without comments and for each Test, you will be awarded marks on a scale of 0- 10. This will be your Relative Indicative Score ( RIS ). The RIS will be indicative and suggestive of your performance. This will be used for ranking in the Tests and for the reshuffling of Batches. You can use this score to see how you are performing.

Your RIS will be provided ideally on the same day by 11 PM, ( but with a commitment of within 72 hours ) so that you can continuously monitor your performance. 

Only copies that are scanned and sent by 9:30 AM will be graded and candidates who submit the copies after the window will be awarded 0 marks.


How many Days a week shall we have the Tests?

Tests will be conducted every morning at 8 AM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


What can you expect from this program?

You can expect to have a near-complete coverage of the syllabus through the Tests of this program. You will be covering more than 400 issues through these tests, and with the classes, it is expected that you will have one of the best notes on the issues/topics covered.


How is it different from MGP?

This is different from MGP in the below ways.

First, MGP is a mentor supported Test Series that offers complete flexibility in writing tests till the date of the Mains exam of that year. AWFG Tests have to be attempted on the same day and submitted in the Test window ( like SFG for Prelims )

Secondly, MGP Program comes with mentorship, where you can discuss your copies with a Mentor. The AWFG does not provide this avenue.

Thirdly, MGP is an annual subscription with validity till the Mains exam. AWFG is a monthly subscription program where access to the portal is valid only for the month. Video discussions will only be available for the week and will expire at the end of the week, so as to maintain discipline and regularity in finishing of the syllabus.

Candidates who are looking for flexibility and mentor guidance may consider the MGP Program in addition  / as a replacement of the AWFG.


How can I join this program?

Admissions to the program will be through an entrance Test. Once selected, you will be allowed to join the program for the first month.

This is done to ensure that the right kind of candidates are part of the program to build the right atmosphere for ensuring a certain level of competition and avoid complacency in preparation.

Candidates will have to register for the Test by paying a fee of Rs. 500 by visiting the link below at the end of this post.

Candidates will be required to attempt a subjective 1 hour Test Paper having 7 questions, which will be released at 11AM on May 27th. Candidates will be required to submit the Test by 11 PM on the same day. This is done to ensure that working candidates can also submit the Tests after office hours.

The list of candidates selected for the Select Focus Group (SFG) ( 100 Candidates ) and Reserve List ( subject to a total of 500 candidates ) will be published on the website ( https://academy.forumias.com ) by 30th May by 11 PM.


What is the duration of the Program?

The Program is of 11-12 weeks duration. You cannot enrol for all the full duration of the program. You will be required to pay the fees every month. 

At the end of every month, you will get getting a rank list with reshuffled students from the Select Focus Group (SFG) to Reserve List group (RLG) on the basis of average Relative Indicative Score ( RIS ).

The program shall commence from 3rd June, Thursday. We shall be covering GS Paper 4, Paper 2 and Paper 3 by end of July.

We will break for Prelims for August & September.

We will get back to GS Paper 1 after the Prelims within 10 days of the Prelims. This is to ensure that we do not have misplaced priorities of Mains preparation as the Prelims exam comes closer.

To apply for the program, you can register by paying a non-refundable fee of Rs. 500 at the link below.


Fees & Concessions

#1 Registration Fee for Entrance Test: Rs. 500
#2 First Month Fee for the Select Focus Group (SFG): Rs. 4000
#3 First Month Fee for the Reserve List Group (RLG): Rs. 5000
#4 2nd Month Fee for the Select Focus Group (SFG): Rs. 3500
#5 2nd Month Fee for the Reserve List Group (RLG): Rs. 4000
GST Applicable @18% on the course fee.


Candidates who are selected for the Select Focus Group (SFG) and join the group will be eligible for a flat 30% concession on CA Classes for Mains 2021/2022. Candidates selected in Reserve List will be eligible for a flat 20% concession on CA courses for 2021/2022. Concessions cannot be clubbed with other offers/carryovers and must be available before October 1, 2021.

Candidates who are a part of either group can also avail a concession of a flat 40% on any Prelims Test Series Batch of 2021.

All fee concessions can be availed by writing to admissions@forumias.academy 

Why are the fees of AWFG 2.0 higher than last year?

This cost of the program has risen to ensure grading of the Papers which requires human effort and incurs human cost. Further, the coverage of the AWFG from a static perspective is much wider given the more number of Tests ( more than 40 Tests ) as well as the increase in the number of questions.


Important Dates 

Registration Opening Date: 21st May, 11 AM
Detailed Calendar Publishing Date: 22nd May, 11 PM 
Registration Closing Date: 26th May, 11 PM
AWFG Entrance Test Release Date: 27th May, 11 AM
AWFG Entrance Test Submission Date: 27th May, 11 PM
Result Declaration Date: 30th May, 11 PM
Fee Payment ( First Month ) Start Date: 30th May, 11 PM
Fee Payment Last Date: 2nd June, 5 PM
First Test Date: 3rd June, 8 AM   


Important Links

#1 Link for Registration for the Entrance Test: Registration Closed

Registrations for AWFG 2.0 are now closed. If you have missed the registration for any genuine reasons, you can fill up this form below, and our team will reach out to you. No phone calls or emails will be entertained apart from the form below.

Please fill the form: https://go.forumias.com/361

#2Link to access the Course: https://academy.forumias.com ( will be activated after clearing entrance Test and paying the fee for the first month )

#3Link of Channel for Regular Updateshttps://go.forumias.com/awfg21

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