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[Official] ForumIAS Current Affairs Classes | Clarification to all Students Taking/Planning to take CA for Mains 2020/Existing Students of Current Affairs (for COVID Year 2020)

Dear Students,

We will be starting Current Affairs for UPSC Mains 2020 from 4th July 2020. The Program will be held in two phases i.e., 20+ classes before Prelims and 20+ classes after Prelims.

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Clarification to all Students: 

1. This year (2020 ) we have an unprecedented situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This has required us to make changes to how we conduct the CA Program. 

2. Every year we have about 20 plus classes for the Mains Batch that starts after the Prelims. 

3. However, given the current situation, we would like to clarify that for this year's Mains 2020, we are likely to have 40+ classes ( 20+ class on Pre-COVID Issues and 20+ classes on Post COVID Issues )

4. Therefore, the Mains Batch is starting early this year from July 4. It is expected that students should have finished about 20+ lectures before the Prelims ( or as many as possible, at their pace ). After Prelims, we shall have completely new issues – all post-Covid Issues. 

5. There will no Batch for Mains 2020 different from the Mains 2020 Batch starting from July 4. Candidates planning to take up Mains CA Classes after Prelims must take up the July 4th Batch itself. 

6. July 4th Batch for Mains 2020 will have all the issues that have been covered since November 2019 for Mains 2020. In addition to this, they will have some additional classes on Post COVID Issues before Prelims. A broad list of issues has been provided as an Annexure to this document. 

7. After Prelims, remaining classes on post COVID – 19 issues will be done. 

8. Existing students do not need to join or pay for this batch. The July 4 Batch classes have already been done for them, and the new Post Covid Classes will be covered starting July 25 and 8 - 10 Prelims oriented class starting 23rd August. The remaining classes for Mains 2020 will commence after Prelims

In case of any query feel free to email us on or call us on 9319398339

Wishing you Success,  


ForumIAS Academy

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