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Mains 2021 Result declared - In or Out?

So Mains 2021 has begun. Essay Paper is here


2. GS Paper 1 :

3. GS Paper 2 : 


How was your paper? How did you approach the paper?

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In with PSIR. 4th attempt. 2nd mains. Initially thought I would be a silent lurker in the background. But last year this time, this community was what helped pull me out of the misery of not clearing the mains. A sincere heartfelt thank you to all of you who have braved and weathered the storm alongside me. And a sincere and genuine admiration for those who haven’t been able to clear the mains this time. I know exactly how you must be feeling, not knowing which gods (customise as per your beliefs) to blame, just shock, disbelief, numbness, but most of all, an overwhelming sadness. Be brave my comrades, you have more of that fight left in you. Dig your heels deep and don’t let this exam beat your inner strength.

I would like to quote a few lines by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow which gave me the strength to carry on after last year:

”Nor deem the irrevocable past

As Wholly wasted, wholly vain,

If, rising on its wrecks, at last

To something nobler we attain.”

Your fight isn’t done yet. There are miles to go before you sleep. But my only wish would be that you treat yourself with kindness and compassion, and not let this “failure” colour your perspective about yourself. My DMs are open in case anyone just wants to talk :) wishing all of you luck and good vibes. Let’s get this bread! 

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@CluelessForNow Please don't make career decisions today. Think anything regarding  career after a week's time.

This exam isn't as subjective as people claim.
Whether in pre or mains,when i  worked hard with good answer writing and paper management, I cleared them.
When I didn't do these things,I didn't clear.

Most of my friends who cleared it before have again cleared it.
Those of my friends who didn't clear previously,unfortunately they didn't clear yet again.

Its not that subjective as we so often portray.

I will talk very straight and im sorry if it feels blunt

That feeling of giving best and things going well is common.
The reason for that is -
We judge our performance on an absolute scale instead of relative scale.
In my opinion,the day u start thinking that how u have to make ur answers best not just correct, it will do wonders. 
U dont just have to beat the question but also ur competitors. 
When u r able to scale up ur preparation to that level, try giving exam then and see its objectivity. 

If ur love for academics is greater than civil services then kindly go for NET
If u think u can't scale up ur mains prep in a short time then go for NET
But if u r serious about civil services,then u have to prepare mains as if u r aiming for top rank not just IAS.

Again its not that subjective 

Everyone likes good presentation

Everyone likes easy to check answers (Structuring )

Everyone likes relevant ,if not best, content.

Everyone likes unique answers.

The thing is relevance+uniqueness+presentation+structure 

If u can work on them its a symphony not randomness or Brownian motion.

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6th Attempt, 4th mains and finally civils journey comes to an end. 

Started my journey 5 years ago with enthusiasm at its peak.Gave a half baked attempt along with job. Thought I will give it my all and went for full fledged prep. Now the cycle has finally ended. 

My learnings from the journey.. And if people can relate to it.. 

1.doing a solid homework before jumping in

I messed up with my optional initially and wasted two mains.

2.Not seeking help when required. 

3.Loosing momentum after prelims. 

4.Failing to realise each stage has its specific demands. 

5.Overconfident initially as I was a bright student throughout.

6.Even though my tipping point was reached within first two years of prep, still continued to hang on.

7.Finally luck is an essential element which we don't realise.

However this exam has taught me a lot of life lessons which will always stay.More than knowing about things happening around me, it has made me a more self aware individual. 

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It was my Last attempt... 

My upsc journey ends here..

Hope god may bless you all with success...

Be happy and spread happiness 🤗

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Second attempt.. First mains.. 

In with Anthropology optional.. 

Can't thank enough to members of this beautiful community.... 

Grateful :) 

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Unexpected in. Grateful.
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I just hope WHO doesn't get to know what I wrote about their recommendations. 
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Hello to all.

I have been a beneficiary of this beautiful community, yet I have never been an active participant.

When I left my job in Dec 2018, I promised myself 2 attempts. Was fortunate to write mains in my 1st attempt. Gave myself a leeway of 3 attempts after I couldn’t clear prelims in 2nd attempt due to multiple reasons including severe post Covid symptoms. Now I have experience of 3 prelims, 2 mains and no interviews. I was not expecting anything from my 1st mains in 2019, as I was unprepared. But this time I was prepared to the best level.

Analysing my 2nd mains - I am fairly satisfied with my GS and Essay papers. Was able to attempt all within time, with average and good content. During 1st mains, writing 15 questions within 3 hrs was a challenge for me, this time, I completed the papers. This was due to extensive answer writing practice, both pre prelims and post prelims (Was part of MGP Cohort 4 and AWFG). Was fairly able to cover whole syllabus of GS due to notes prepared before prelims.

The only thing that has reduced my chances is my optional. Despite having notes compiled, solved PYQs, and multiple revisions, I could not ensure a good attempt (as per my expectations). Probably because science optional require much more revisions and applications. Learnt it the hard way. Will rectify it in my next attempt.

Have not lost all the hope, yet I do not want to keep all the eggs in just one basket. I had planned to get back to a full time job, irrespective of how my mains go in 2021 attempt. So here I am, after a full 10 days break of binge, travel and socialization, starting to look for a job. Also, after 3 years of full time preparation, I now understand that giving full time to UPSCfrom this point onwardsis not worth it. With multiple revisions already done, I think giving future attempts will be possible with a full time job (People with such experience can share their take on this). I have realized the importance of last month struggle at both prelims and mains stage.

I have written this to express my gratitude to all the members here.

Especially@Neyawn- I met you after my prelims, and your suggestions helped me prepare better.

@PurplesunbirdInteracting with you, helped me remain calmwith respect to optional. Thanks brother, and all the best for state pcs.

@Jammu@LetsGetThisBread@Celeborn@Steph_Curry- ypt group and constant 'wake-up' notifications helped me increase my efficiency on a daily basis.Thanks friends.

@PureheartThanks for collaborating with me on essay preparation, your insights were really helpful.

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I thought Mains ki baatein chal rhi hongi.

Idhar toh protein protein chal rha hai. :p

Humara bhi Protein waala obsession tha ek samay.
 Not lying, but once by mistake, I looked for protein content in Bisleri mineral water. Those were the days. :p

 Ab toh bas sab fat hi fat hai..

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Post mains plans


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The paper was set as if upsc is on dope. People who have written real is ration, rational is real from philosophy perspective, you are doomed. you have to write a generalist essay in case you are wondering..

Let us not make prima facie conclusions. There’s more to come. Whoever wrote whatever please believe you’ve written the best and most correct essay and prepare for tomorrow and day after. Please don’t let one paper set the tone for the rest of the week ahead

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bhai yeah jo coaching wale chacha analysis daal rahe hain...aur keh rahe hain "you should have used this perspective...this may missed this thing...haha most of my students commiteed this mistake...blah blah."....arey bhai itni thand mei ungli toh chalti nahi...dimag kya chalega. 

yeah AC mei baithkar Prelims ka analysis karte hain aur cozy heaters mei baith Mains ka...they should get some live.

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Have y'all ever felt that you could've done but still couldn't. Due to minor faults of our own. 
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WHO guidelines mein jo kahaani likhi hai…💀
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Does anyone else feel like that the actual content one ends up using in the exam, the only things that we needed to know to write good answers (and what is possible to execute in that time crunch), is actually less? 
And throughout the year we just end up doing-reading a lot of unnecessary stuff?
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Exactly my sentiments

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2nd attempt and first mains. 
The result was on expected lines and was quite well prepared for it. No time for self-pity, only 6months left for the next mains. Silver lining being, I know what to do now. 
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Unpopular Opinion: I loved the Essay paper. It was so fluid and full of creative liberties.

PS: Only the scores will pronounce whether this love was justified or just another infatuation. :)

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Unpopular Opinion: I loved the Essay paper. It was so fluid and full of creative liberties.

PS: Only the scores will pronounce whether this love was justified or just another infatuation. :)

At one level you could say it is a great leveller, very little difference between someone who has prepared vs someone who has not prepared.

At another you could say it was elitist, in favour of people with superior writing skills, and wider reading. However, as the experience has been, people who can simplify a topic, even with average writing skills, can end up winning.

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Oh God. Gs 3 massive disaster. Gs 4 couldn’t even complete and poor quality of answers due to time constraint. Damn i even wrote tests still.

"अपने यूपीएससी चेयरपर्सन को धन्यवाद बोलना कि मैं सेंटर से जिंदा वापस लौट पाया। "

Someone on telegram. Lol

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