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Official Thread for Public Administration Optional - Questions & Answers

I will be posting my queries and answers in this thread. others are also welcome to participate.
please help others by clearing their doubts and reviewing their answers.

also,do install camscanner app in case you are uploading any answer...

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Hello everyone. Resumed with my blog on UPSC. If you want me to write on any specific topic related to UPSC preparation or doubt clearance pls PM. My best to you. Jai Hind.  :)
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@doodlebean @IWRA @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh @ChipadBanda @LalSalaam please review it. This thread was in the bottom of the pyramid but most valuable. I have created other thread, will going to delete it. This is like a treasure hunt :)

Good Answer ! Just make a flow chart diagram as its a chronological question.

Also try to use Locus-Focus typology of N Henry / Discipline vs Professional changes etc. 

Further you can talk about how initially pub adm varied as per changes in American Ecology mainly - but later post CPA its response ecology has turned global. 

Also You can briefly DRAW about Indian Administration changes in last many decades !

Finally give it a current touch and tell how Pub Adm is expected to change POST-COVID19 emergency and how it rebrought focus from Market to Govt bureaucracy as a prime actor of governance ! 

Overall your answer is good. Just giving u some add on dimensions !! Best wishes. Keep writing ! 

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Good try. Basic understanding ok. How u can improve :

1. Too lengthy irrelevant bhoomika initially. Just one two lines on Weberian bureaucracy and it's need as BEST WAY at that time.

2. Clearly define Bureau pathologies with concrete examples and why this criticism later and HOW IT DENIGRATES COMPETENCE OF ORGANIZATION for ex by limiting talent pool of lateral entrance or too much formalism or redtapism or excessive centralisation or non dynamic in Development Admin ecologies etc

3. Then directly give examples like from American Admin / R Brianbanti study / Riggs Salacracy / Public Choice Theorists / RIGO / NWS/NPG etc. 

4. Finally give suitable examples from Indian experience and how it denigrated effectiveness of bureaucratic policy programmes etc You can link Single window, RTI and CC kind innovations to cure such bureaupathologies !

5. Finally a brief COUNTER PERSPECTIVE about utility of Weberian bureaucracy and need of suitable structural-behavioral reforms in it like Development Bureaucracy concept. End on optimistic positive tone.

Best wishes. Keep writing !! 



Agog, wanderersoul

Hello everyone,

Let's revive d thread...

I m going to start writing Answers...

Hope everyone will help and co-operate..

Thank you!!

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Learning from Best Practices, Collaborative Federalism - 

Karnataka through VC with Kerala - steps adopted for tracing, testing and treatment of the disease, the outcome, and measures to be taken to address the challenges following easing of lockdown restrictions.

mickeyviru, Agog
@Barry_Allen 1st of all Barry +Allen= Barren plz dnt date a lady looking older thn u 😜And thnx 4 reviving the thread.Next such vague topics r no more askd and frankly evn i dnt hav so much clarity!Still ur way of addressing ques s good but no xamples s an issue(presentation s k at least 4 me bcauz even wtht diagrams people get marks,main target 2 hit bulls eye whch few do guess thts why UPSC has never given 340+ 2 pub ad unlik anthro imo).Rest u hav done justice 4 ten marks if written within time.atb


Please review @doodlebean  @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh @IWRA @Agog and all others.

I used Google and other sources :)

All well but still far from being a very good answer bhai. Major improvements suggested:

1. Where is Paper 1 in it ? Where is context of the statement ? Weber, one best of classicists, Behavioural challenge, PCA critics , CPA studies by various thinkers like R Brianbanti etc ?

2. ARC , CS Survey, Recent Covid failures of bureaucracy ?

3. New pathologies coming up in bureaucracy like racism, gender and caste bias etc in both diffracted and prismatic societies ex GeorgeFloyd episode or Caste based groups of CS !

4. A flow diagram to clearly show how it denigrates organuzational competence.

5. What are solutions for reducing these pathologies ? 

4. Still utility of Weberian bureaucracy. Don't cut hand if one or two fingers are not perfect ! 

So I will give ~4.5/10 for the answer !! Keep writing, keep improving. :)

Sorry for being over critical but expect best from u now !! 



@prowess I will write this in 3 4 parts

Intro - Kautilya in his seminal treatise Arthashastra mentions the statement to highlight importance of coordination and cooperation in various organs of the government and governance.

Body- As per Kautilya

  1. Chariot of governance can't run without coordination and cooperation of multiple departments/actors/aspects of governance.

  2. King alone can't govern. He needs cooperation of CoM and other angas (total 7) for proper governance.

  3. If this is not done sooner or later governance will fail >> there will be Kopa/anger in public + Matsaya Nyay (anarchy and rule of force) >> the king will be at the ultimate receiving end.

Relevance of these wisdom words of kautilya today -

(Link here with all possible things in Current times like impact of emergency decision by Indira Gandhi without CoM will or Multi actor governance era of today or Success of flagship scheme depends on cooperation of silos working deptt integration or recent approach to tackle naxalism with cooperation of all rather than only one wheel ie center govt/army or GST council etc etc)

Conclusion- Thus we can say that synchronized movement of all wheels alone can move chariot of governance, development and trust with not just better balance but also with better speed, in desirable direction and for reliable assured journey.


@doodlebean @IWRA @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh @ChipadBanda @LalSalaam please review it. This thread was in the bottom of the pyramid but most valuable. I have created other thread, will going to delete it. This is like a treasure hunt :)

@Amarbabu This kind of answer I’ll put in the category of very good. 
-crisp -to the point -totally addressing the demand of the question- good handwriting.

if possible ek diagram-flow chart bana dena. Bahut achha likha hai. Best wishes :)

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