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Official Thread for Public Administration Optional - Questions & Answers

@doodlebean @IWRA @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh @ChipadBanda @LalSalaam please review it. This thread was in the bottom of the pyramid but most valuable. I have created other thread, will going to delete it. This is like a treasure hunt :)

Good Answer ! Just make a flow chart diagram as its a chronological question.

Also try to use Locus-Focus typology of N Henry / Discipline vs Professional changes etc. 

Further you can talk about how initially pub adm varied as per changes in American Ecology mainly - but later post CPA its response ecology has turned global. 

Also You can briefly DRAW about Indian Administration changes in last many decades !

Finally give it a current touch and tell how Pub Adm is expected to change POST-COVID19 emergency and how it rebrought focus from Market to Govt bureaucracy as a prime actor of governance ! 

Overall your answer is good. Just giving u some add on dimensions !! Best wishes. Keep writing ! 

After seeing this, I am sure I have to make plans for 2020 Mains!