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Official Thread for Public Administration Optional - Questions & Answers

Q.No.-1) The Arthashashtra says "one wheel alone does not turn and keep the cart in motion". Comment. (10marks - 150wrds)


@doodlebeanmam i had this query in mind as how to adress this question ... like a generalised answer(like how taxes, revenue security, justice, policies, good governance are important in present times and a government at present cant be imagined without these features).... or I should stick to the kautilya saptaranga theory in particular..
we can write about the saptaranga theory as what administration was according to kautilya..about importance of

  1. king(prime minister),
    2.minister (group of ministers, council of ministers),
    3.territory (center n relation with states) ,
    4.fort(internal security)
    5.kosh (economy n finance)
    6 army
    7 allies (international relations etc)

ps: i am a novice and was unable and confused about framing the answer with the little knowledge i had so i asked it here and and thats really so generous of u to respond to my query.?

@doodlebeanmam kripya aage bhi hamara margdarshan krte rhein


@Yo_Yo_Choti_Singhwah wah sare ache log on this thread eksath.... keval iwra sir ki kami hai?


@Yo_Yo_Choti_Singhcongrats sir for rank 104
ur hardwork & perseverance paid well...
topper from pubad yuhooooo
please do share ur strategy with us✌?


@IWRA?dhanyawaad sir ..... bass ap seniors hamein isi tarah pathpradarshit krte rhein...?


@doodlebeanmam care to tell us how to make diagrams in pub ad answers.. taking the example of first (kautilya's) question. please teach us the art of linking question/theory with present times and drawing diagrams.
ps: I'm a beginner n managing pub ad on my own. so please care to enlighten me.


@doodlebeanmam thanks for this wonderfully elaborated diagram.... will add this to my notes... and will learn this technique for using it in my answers....
also i will try to be regular here.... as u said on ur thread ki jabtak ek student bhi active/regular hai toh aap padhaogey...?

I'll write an answer from today onwards.... i'll submit it in the evening....although my answers might be lacking quality content but i'll try....


Question 1.a) "The scope of the discipline of Public Administration is determined by what an administrative system does." Does it mean that the scope of this discipline is boundaryless? Explain
Answer) A wider meaning of public administration has sought to expand its ambit by including any administration that has considerable impact on public. Public administration is a means in which policy decisions made by political decision makers are carried out.
Public administration is decision making, planning the work to be done, forumulating objectives and goals, working with the legislature and citizen organizations to gain public support and funds for government programmme, establishing and revising organization, directing and supervising employees, providing leadership, communicating and receiving communication, determining work methods and procedures , appraising performance, exercising controls and other functions performed by government executives and supervisors. It is the action part of the government by which the purposes and goals of government are realised.
Public administration as-

  1. The basis of government- a government can exist without executive or judiciary but it can never exist without administration.
  2. an instrument for implementing policies- the basic service which is performed for the public
  3. an stabilizing force in society- it is often observed that though government changes violent change is seldom experienced by administration
  4. an instrument of social change and economic development
  5. good governance
  6. e-governance – some of the modernized features of public administration making things easily accessible to the citizens
  7. concept of participatory development
  8. performing various technical and specialized functions-
    Public administration is determined by what an administrative system does, the basic functions of an administration is formulation, implementation and execution to meet the needs of public. Public administration is evolving , the burden of public duties on government has been steadily increasing a government that is accountable and responsive to the needs and expectation of its citizens. Being an action and executive field of government, public administration has never had a settled boundary the activities of a government has expanded and contracted on contextual circumstances.

@doodlebeanmam pardon me for asking this but I'm comfused as the question asks us aboutpublic administration disciplineis boudaryless...... which means 'public administration subject as a whole'' it could be anything as an activity or a discipline or whatever comes under the subject and not just public administration as a discipline.
as an activity it can boundaryless in different ways as to whatever is done for public by state comes under this every aspect of life is nowadays touched by pubad
as a discipline is just the study of subject in detail where it is boundaryless in different ways as the subject has many aspects and public administration can mould into pol science, economics, business, sociology. because of diverse nature of the subject.
like pub ad as political science for adressing political issues and bringing changes to the political administration
pub ad as sociology adressing sociological perspectives of society
pub ad as business...ppp model etc


@doodlebeanhow much time will it take for me to reach the level of basic minimum standards of a good answer....
where i lack is-
1.i dont know what is being asked in the question
2. even if i know what the question is about then also i mix up a lot of things leading my answer to nothing but khichdi?


@doodlebeansaid inOfficial Thread for Public Administration Optional - Questions & Answers:

One answer daily with all the effort, detailing and diagrams. One month tops. 30 answers that’s it and you’ll visualise the change yourself.

shukriya mam?you have such a positive attitude towards ur students.

i will be regular here and will work hard to reach that level.✌?


@Hakunah_Matatasaid inOfficial Thread for Public Administration Optional - Questions & Answers:

@doodlebeanfor once I thought that the quality of my answer is so bad that you are not even willing to comment on it.



@mahi2501arey upload cloud icon ko click krke krna hai, adi ne doosra icon bata diya that icon is for uploading pdf etc


The plan suggested by@Bhagat-singhsounds more feasible, i request him to take the lead.
@Bhagat-singhplz share the plan as to which thinker and which chapters we are going to cover in the next few days. so that we can plan accordingly.


Q)The Right to Information (RTI) has emerged as an effective tool for citizen’s dispute resolution. Discuss.


or search pub_ad in telegram. (if the above link doesnt work)

The grp is mainly focussed on upsc 2020.

We will start afresh, cover the syllabus topic wise.


Q. “The field of Public Administration is a
field of business.”(Woodrow Wilson)
Comment. (CSE 2009/20 marks-200

CSE-2020 pub ad prep


?is everyone busy in mains prep?

why is this thread not active?


@Aakash1238114972 you can start with the ignou material to develop a base ...or if u have laxmikanth of pub can also refer to it...aribam will also work...... side by side u can study thinkers from prasad.

mohit bhattacharya sabse baad me... once u have a good hold of the basics of pub ad.
u will have to skim through the material.....keep referring to the syllabus and previous year question paper agn and agn.

watch videos and refer to the blogs of pub ad toppers links to many of them are in this thread itself.
keep studying.

CSE-2020 pub ad prep


plz review-

A1. “The field of Public Administration is a field of business.” Woodrow Wilson and other classical thinkers
do not make a
distinction between public administration and business
administration. They maintain the view that all
administration, whether public or business, is one and
possess the same basic features.

The specific similarities between public and business administration are -
(a) The managerial techniques and skills of planning,
organizing, coordinating, controlling, and so on are
same in both.
(b) Both have uniformity in accounting, filing, statistics,
stocking, and so on.
(c) Both are organized on the basis of principle of
hierarch, that is, scalar chain.
(d) Both are being influenced by the practices and
standards of each other. J. M. Pfiffner and
Robert Presthus have described the emergence of
public corporation as “a half way house between its
commercial prototype and the traditional
governmental department.”
(e) Both have similarities so far as the problems of
organisation, personnel and finance are concerned.
(f) The similarity between public administration and
business administration is demonstrated by the fact
that there is a mutual exchange and rotation of
personnel between the two disciplines.

However, in present times,Public administration differs from business administration
in the nature of the functions performed by it -
(a) It is more comprehensive than private administration,
that is, it covers a wider range of activities.
(b) Its activities are more urgent and vital for the very
existence of society.
(c) Its services, sometimes, tend to be monopolistic, for
example, defence.

CSE-2020 pub ad prep


aribam is a good book to begin with...

about prasad, i think, u can make a first reading of the whole book from cover to cover just to have an idea about theories and thinkers.
then in the second reading u can do it alongwith the syllabus.
for eg. first chapter ofsyllabushas wilson mentioned in it.
second chapter has some other thinkers.... do thinkers along with the other topics of syllabus to have a wholesome coverage of the syllabus chapterwise.

u can frame ur own strategy and read the books whichever way u want.... there is no hard and fast rule as which book to begin or end with?

u can see the toppers blog and see how they did, below is the link


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