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PRELIMS- What went wrong?

PRELIMS- What went wrong?

Dear Friends,

Last week today, the Prelims 2024 results were released.

It is a week since the results came.

We shall be meeting all those who could not clear the Prelims 2024 at 11AM in Karol Bagh, on Thursday at 11AM, 11 July.

The challenge is not that we have failed – the challenge is our response to it.

And also, in making good use of the next 4 months.

We aren’t saying the session will solve all your problems.

But there is nothing in the session that will make your situation worse by attending it.

We understand that a lot of you may be in re-coil mode. Keeping to oneself.

Going into your shell. Your room. Until next year.

Get out of your rooms.

Let us meet this Thursday at 11AM.

Here is the registration link

The session will be taken by Mr Ayush Sinha.

Do not miss!



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